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What makes neuroglia different from other neurons
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what are gangliagray matter cell bodies in the PNSNerves are just bundles of ___.axonswhat is a polarized membraneA membrane that has more positive charge on one side and more negative on the other side, creating a potential differencewhat must happen before an action potential will firerepolarization of the cell after the nerve impulsewhat are some neurotransmitters that are typically excitatoryAch, NE (excitatory bc of depolarization of post synaptic neurons)what are some neurotransmitters that are typically inhibitoryDopamine, GABA, serotonin (inhibitory bc of hyperpolarization of post synaptic neurons)what does the CNS gain from meningesphysical stability and shock absorptionwhere is CSF in/around the spinethe subarachnoid spacewhat is epidural/subdural hemorrhagingblood entering these spaces when they shouldn't, compressing and distorting the soft tissueHow does CSF return to the blood streamdiffusion across the arachnoid granulations returns excess CSF to blood streamwhat are gyrielevated ridges on the outer surface of the cerebral cortexwhat are sulcishallow depressions of the cerebral cortexWhy does our brain have foldsincrease surface area and numbers of neurons in the cortexdamage to the brocas areacan't form words/make sounds and possibly mess up breathing patternWhat does the prefrontal cortex do?coordinates info from the association areas of the entire cortex and performs abstract intellectual functions (ex: predict outcomes)how does a prefrontal lobotomy "cure" mental illnessprefrontal cortex generates feelings of frustration/tensions/anxiety, so getting rid of it would rid of those emotionswhat does the amygdaloid dolinks the limbic system, cerebrum, and various sensory systems, playing a part in the "fight or flight" response, as well as links emotions to memorieswhy are cranial nerves specialthey can have secondary functionswhat is a plexusnetwork where nerve trunks originatewhat is happening when your foot falls asleep?peripheral nerve palsies causing regional loss of sensory and motor function after nerve trauma or compressionenhance spinal reflexestry to pull apart clasped handswhy does the motor homunculus have an enormous mouth and tonguethere are a ton of motor units in the mouth and on the tonguewhere do motor commands for the medial and lateral pathways originatethe motor homoculuswhich is fight or flightsympathetic