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Places located in China are the ____________ _____________ Plain, ____________ River, and ____________ _____________.

North China; Huang; Guangxi Zhungzu

The great river picks up and carries a large amount of _________ ________, dissolved in the water. The river takes on a distinctive yellow color, which is why it is called the Huang, or "yellow."

yellow silt

People built __________ in a centuries-long effort to control flooding (of the Huang He or Huang River).


The Huang has been called "China's Sorrow" because for centuries floods have wiped out _________ and left people ______________.

crops; homeless

The land is very _________. You can see _______________ ranges to the north and south. You have reached the Tibetan Plateau.

rocky; mountain

___________ was an important product of the Zhou economy.


The Great Wall (of China) was built (by Shi Huangdi) to _____________ the empire from northern invaders.


To improve transportation, Wu Di built new ______________.


A historian named Sima Qian wrote the first ___________ ____________ book on China.

complete history

Another contribution to China under Wu Di was ___________ ___________, the practice of using skills and talents to work in the government.

civil service

Important inventions (during the Han dynasty included ________________ and two things you are using right now—__________ and _________!

porcelain; pen; paper

The Analects is a collection of ___________ by Confucius that were written down by his students. It is the ________ printed work of Confucius. In it he gives advice to people who want to do the ________ thing.

sayings; main; right

Confucius tried to give examples that were relevant to the daily lives of people. ___________ for all people is probably his first principle: "When you go out, treat everyone as if you were welcoming a great guest. Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you."


[...] Daoists believed that people should live in harmony and with ____________, not apart from it.


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