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  1. Looking Glass Self
  2. One Down Messages
  3. Attachment Theory
  4. Role Conflict
  5. Definition of the Situation
  1. a Everyone in a situation has their own definition of what's going on.
  2. b Your experiences with your care-giver in the first two years of life set you up for patterns of security and insecurity in relationships.
  3. c When two or more roles are incompatible. Basically, two competing roles.
  4. d Messages that indicate a desire to give in or relinquish one's freedom.
  5. e Cooley's theory that we see ourselves based on how other people see us

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  1. The self perceived ability to identify emotions within one's self and in others.
  2. The child organizes information - building models of which behaviors lead to good and bad things. They symbolically rehearse the role.
  3. The part of your self that you are aware of
  4. Both partners work together to construct roles that are mutually satisfactory.
  5. Using jokes to alleviate face loss.

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  1. Emotional Coaching ParentWants the child's negative emotions to go away. They treat the child as unimportant.


  2. Impervious ResponseWhen your parent does not acknowledge your prosperous activity.


  3. Two Levels of Meaning1. Content (What you say)
    2. Relationship (What you really mean)


  4. Expression GivenWhat I want you to see about me - the performance


  5. One Up MessagesMessages that indicate a desire to take control or limit the action of others.