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  1. Tangential Response
  2. Bem's Self Perception Theory
  3. Interact
  4. Insecure Attachment
  5. Extrinsic Rewards
  1. a The smallest unit to carry relational meaning, it is two acts in sequence.
  2. b Not having your needs met by a parent in a reliable and consistent way.
  3. c It asserts that people develop their attitudes by observing their behavior and concluding what attitudes must have caused them.
  4. d Parent briefly acknowledges the child and changes the subject.
  5. e Rewards like money, clothes, jewelery, etc.

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  1. Let me tell you the whole thing before you decide if it's wrong.
  2. Identity construction can be viewed through four frames.
    1. Personal
    2. Enactment of Communication
    3. Relationship
    4. Communal
  3. Festinger's theory that we compare ourselves to similar others.
  4. Child starts to become more conscious of making the role authentic.
  5. A type of corrective tactic where you see someone lose face and you try and avoid them

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  1. Expression Given OffWhat a performer does unintentionally to give the audience a glimpse of what's going on inside their head.


  2. Expression GivenWhat I want you to see about me - the performance


  3. FaceThe part of the self presented to others for their approval.


  4. Double BindA situation where there is no correct response.


  5. Disconfirming MessagesMessages that help maintain a child's face and help when face is lost.