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  1. Role Identity model
  2. Preventive Tactics
  3. Punctuation
  4. One Up Messages
  5. Relational Culture
  1. a Messages that indicate a desire to take control or limit the action of others.
  2. b When two people develop common orientations and behaviors they guide members' perceptions of the world.
  3. c Trying to keep face loss form happening
  4. d A model that helps us decide which roles are most salient.
  5. e Lets us know when the sequence of communication begins.

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  1. The verbal and nonverbal behaviors we use during a performance
  2. Disciplinary style where the parents act like dictators.
  3. When there is a reward we are more motivated to take on a role.
  4. As infants we are biologically wired to find someone to keep us safe because we can't take care of ourselves.
  5. Participants feel out of control.

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  1. AccountsWe give excuses/stories that make us look less foolish


  2. AuthoritativeA disciplinary style that combines authoritarian and permissive to set rules and boundaries in a confirming way.


  3. EgoThe part of your self that you are aware of


  4. DisclaimersSaying, "This might be totally wrong..." to avoid face loss


  5. AttentionNon-skillful people use this to cope with a loss of face and to try and get it back.