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  1. Preoccupied
  2. Self Expansion Theory
  3. Double Bind
  4. One Down Messages
  5. Preventive Tactics
  1. a Helps explain how identity influences the development of close relationships after first impressions are made.
  2. b Messages that indicate a desire to give in or relinquish one's freedom.
  3. c The person who is neurotic and anxious and always needs to have a girlfriend. They get nervous at any sign of a break-up.
  4. d A situation where there is no correct response.
  5. e Trying to keep face loss form happening

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  1. Being liked and admired.
  2. Using jokes to alleviate face loss.
  3. The see the children's negative emotions as a chance to teach them. They allow the child to express emotions but with boundaries.
  4. Let me tell you the whole thing before you decide if it's wrong.
  5. Similar to the authoritarian style, refers to parents who believe that they should be in complete control and demand compliance without explanation.

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  1. Dramaturgical PerspectiveA pattern consisting of acts that are similar.


  2. Secure Base PhenomenonAs infants we are biologically wired to find someone to keep us safe because we can't take care of ourselves.


  3. Social Comparison TheoryFestinger's theory that we compare ourselves to similar others.


  4. Relational MessagesMessages that indicate a desire to give in or relinquish one's freedom.


  5. Gold ShadowThe part of yourself that you are hiding. It represents the parts of ourselves that other people have told us are wrong.