Commercial Transactions

What is the study of what constitutes right or wrong behavior, and it's a branch focused on morality?
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What ethic means every person has certain duties?Duty-BasedDuty based ethics are also owed to ______________.humansWhat another name for Principle of Rights?Right Theory'sWhat is a theory used to determine whether a decision is ethical based on how that decision affects the rights of other?Principle of RightsThe principle of rights is used to determine?whether a decision is ethical.The principle of rights are used to determine whether a decision is ethical also calledconflicting rights issue.What is this an example of? Business is going to downside Business is going to have to fire people. Which employees will be fired? People doing the least work. The least qualified. People that paid the most. Those that have worked there less time.Conflicting rights issues (duty-based ethics)When resolving conflicts it is important to decide what?Which rights are stronger.An example. Should a chemical plant be kept open? Keep plant opens=saves 150 jobs Shutdown plant=won't pollute and makes ten of thousands of people sick. Right to work v. right to live/healthResolving conflicts (duty based ethics)Duty-based ethics are also ownedTo the planetDuty based is ______________ focused on the outcome.NotWhat is duty based ethics focused on?What you did Why you did itWhat is ethically based on your duty and what you did?Duty-Based ethicsExample. Robinhood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. Outcome/Result. Helping the poor Outcome. Good Action/What you Did. Bad actionRobinhood is morally bad according to duty-based ethicsExample 2. You donate money to charity so you get good publicly. Outcome/Result. Helping a charity. Outcome. Good Action/What you did. You donated;Good Motivation for action. Good publicity;BadBusiness person behaved morally bad according to duty-based ethics.Duty based ethics is focused on your specificbehavior.(Duty Based ethics) Good intent+Good action=morally good(Duty Based ethics) Bad intent+Good action=Morally BadDuty based ethics are determine by whether the motivations behind your behavior were __________.good.