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motion or a general location
La excursion nos llevo POR el centro.
(The tour took us through downtown.)


duration of an action
Estuve en la Patagonia POR un mes.
(I was in Paragonia for a month.)


reason or motive for an action
Lo hizo POR su familia.
(She did it on behalf of her family.)


object of a search
Javier fue POR su camara digital.
(Javier went in search of his digital camera.)


means by which something is done
Ellos viajan POR la autopista.
(They travel by (by way of) the highway.)


exchange of substitution
Muchas gracias POR el cederron.
(Thank you very much for the CD-ROM.)


unit of measure
Jose manejaba a 120 kilometros POR horas.
(Jose was driving 120 kilometers per hour.)


Dos POR dos equal cuatro.
(Two times two equals four.)


Salimos PARA Cordoba el sabado.
(We are leaving for Cordoba on Saturday.)


deadline or a specific time in the future
El va a arreglar el carro PARA el viernes.
(He will fix the car by friday.)


purpose or goal
Juan estudia PARA mecanico.
(Juan is studying to be a mechanic.)
Es una llanta PARA el carro.
(It's a tire for the car.)


the recipient of something
Compre una impresora PARA mi abuelo.
(I bought a printer for my grandfather.)


comparison with others or an opinion
PARA un joven, es demasiado serio.
(For a young person, he is too serious.)
PARA mi, esta leccion no es dificil.
(For me, this lesson isn't difficult.)


in the employ of
Sara trabaja PARA Telecom Argentina.
Sara works for Telecom Argentina.

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