Chapter 1 part B (commercial transactions)

What focuses on the impacts of a decision on society?
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An example Pharmaceutical company creates a drug. Will cure. 85% of patients Will cause painful death to 15% of patients.Problems with utilitarianismWhat is a 5 step checklist that identifies the most efficient means of generating consistent and optimal results?Systematic approachHow does a systematic approach. Approach a problem?By going through a system/checklist.What is step one of a systematic approach?InquiryWhat's is involved in a inquiry? (Step 1 of systematic approach)Identifying parties Collecting facts Listing any applicable legal or ethical principle sStep one of systematic approach is inquiry where youIdentify parties involved Who will be impacted by your decision?What's is step 1 of systematic approach? (Inquiry)Collect facts. Collection information.What's is step 1 of systematic approach?List any applicable legal or ethical principles.Step 3 of systematic approach is listing any applicable legal or ethical principles. Applicable legal principles looks tosee if something is legal or illegal.