Big Brother 23

Name 3/4 of the teams that began BB23.
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All of the following are true of the Cookout alliance EXCEPT:
A.) It was the first successful all-black alliance in BB history.
B.) It was the most statistically dominant alliance in BB history.
C.) It was the first alliance in BB history to be represented in both the Final 2 chairs.
D.) It was the first alliance in BB history to successfully execute a strategy that involved never getting nominated next to a fellow alliance member.
Tiffany's master plan stated that each alliance member should have one non-alliance member as their perceived closest ally, so that they would be nominated next to that person instead of a fellow Cookout member. Name the "parachute" pawns for 3/6 of the members of the Cookout:
1. Tiffany's?
2. Xavier's?
3. Hannah's?
4. Kyland's?
5. Azah's?
6. Derek F's? [Hint: went out very early]