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Chapter Five Religion

Henry III

emperor who saw abuse of powers in the Church & named 3 German popes in a row

lay investiture

layperson names pope (i.e. Henry III)

Henry III does lay investiture when?


Leo IX

starts reforms

Gregory VII

Gregorian Reform/climax of reform movement

Henry IV

an emporer excommunicated for speaking out against the Church; tricks pope into lifting it

Henry IV excommunicated when?



no longer participate in sacramental life of the Church

Concordat of Worms

pope can now name leaders; does away with lay investiture

Concordat of Worms when?


Concordat of Worms who?

Callistus II and Henry III

Gregorian Reforms against?

lay investiture & corruption of religion by money

one of 3 German popes appointed by Henry III

Leo IX

Innocent III

theocracy (?)

Fourth Lateran Council when?


Fourth Lateran Council

discusses almost all aspeects of church life, including transubstantiation; proudest moment of Innocent III's life


th ehcange of bread & wine into the Body and Blood of Chirst at Mass

Urban II

launches Crusades at Council of Clermont (1095)

Alexius I

appeals to Pope Urban II for help against Turks in E empire, leads to Crusades


form of govt in which all civil power is in the hands of the religious leaders

canon law

name we give to the body of laws of the Church

success of Gregorian reform leads to?

increase of power/reputation of Church & papacy, so more people look to the Church

1st Crusade

only one to achieve real military success (short-lived); captures Jerusalem

2nd Crusade what?


2nd Crusade led by?

Bernard of Clairvaux

3rd Crusade led by?

Frederick Barbarossa and King Richard the Lion Hearted of England

3rd Crusade what?


4th Crusade what?

disaster & disgrace- turn against the friendly, Christian city of Constantinople

4th Crusade led by?

King Phillip & his wife


"Holy" Wars

Crusades- good or bad?

bad; an embarrassment

High Middle Ages (time)


High Middle Ages=

Age of Renewal

4th Crusade called by?

Pope Innocent III

1st Crusade called by?

Pope Urban II


the cultural world that came into existence during the High Middle Ages

In Christendom period, _____one was Catholic and it influenced ____ aspect of their lives

every; every

fear of heresy leads to?


Inquisition is what?

an official Catholic court that was charged w/ examining and investigating those accused of heresy & punishing heretics w/ torture/death

Christendom is basically the ____ of Christianity (Catholisism)


false doctrines are known as....


who teaches false doctrines?


what was the inside threat the Church fought?


how did the Church fight against inside threats


How did the Church fight against outside threats


As a result of the Crusades, ___increased and people moved to cities/towns that the revival of ____ brought into being (same term 2x)


shift in population as trade increased led to a new social class called?

urbam poor

forms to help urban poor


comes from the Latin word for "brothers"


Latine word for "brothers"


gave up all his wealth/disgraced his father

St. Francis

order St Francis involuntarily founded/led


St. Dominic Salvio leads/founds this

Order of Preachers (O.P.)/ Dominicans

spreads rosary

Order of Preachers


St. Dominic



Dominic wants to fight against these things that mislead the faithful


how Dominic wanted to fight heresy

well-educated & holy preachers who explain Church teachings & live according to gospel

admires Francis

St. Dominic does

female counterpart of St. Francis?

St. Clare of Assisi

name of the order of nuns Clare put together

Poor Clares

Why were some orders called mendicant

they were "begging" because they emphasize eprsonal poverty & finance their charitable activities from donations they seek from the faithful

names of mendicant orders

Carmelites, Augustinians, Franciscans, Dominicans

who brings the Church closer to the people?

mendicant orders

what were some things mendicant orders introduce

rosary, stations of the cross, Christmas cre'che

Friars teach in universities & are known as ____ & _____

preachers and confessors

most lasting monuments of Christendom in the midieval period

churches adn cathedrals made in the Gothic Style

where Gothic Style began & when became popular to rest of world

France, 1150

Monks copy manuscripts to do what with them

pass them on to monastic schools, where future monks are trained

who copy manuscripts for cathedral schools (where futer diocesan clergy learns)


glory of Christendom that appears in 12th century


centers of higher education

universities are

subjects taught @ universities

law, medicine, philosophy, theology

thinkers from universities that contribute to our understanding of Catholicism

Anselm, Peter Abelard, Albert the Great, Bonaventure, Duns Scotus

Dominican friar/ thinker/writer who is best known of all the thinkers & is not afraid of knowledge

Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

"truth cannot contradict truth" so reason can't be in conflict w/ faith

Thomas Aquinas

where Henry IV was excommunicated


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