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Chapter 15

this/that pencil

ce crayon

this/that man

cet homme

this/that table

cette table

these/those pencils

ces crayons

these/those tables

ces tables

this book here

ce livre-ci

that book there

ce livre-là

this/that one (masculine)


this/that one (feminine)


these/those ones (masculine)


these/those ones (feminine)


This one is more useful than that one (masc. object)

Celui-ci est plus utile que celui-là.

The latter employs fewer workers than the former (both fem. objects)

Celle-ci emploie moins d'ouvriers que celle-là.

(Which book did he take?) The one that was on the chair?

Celui qui était sur la chaise?

Yes, that was the one (the book) he was looking for.

Oui, c'était celui qu'il cherchait.

But it was my brother's (book).

Mais c'était celui de mon frère.

This situation


That situation


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