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examples of CAM remedies
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reduce cholesterol, reduce BP, anticoagulantgarlicimprove memory, reduce dizzinessginkgoantioxidant, reduce cholesterol, prevent cancer, nausea and vomitinggreen teareduce depression/anxiety, anti-inflammatoryst john's wortinteraction between echinacea and amiodarone, anabolic steroids, ketoconazole, and methotrexateincreases hepatotoxicityinteraction between flaxseed and most medicationsbinds to medication and reduces absorptioninteraction between garlic and aspirin, other NSAIDS, heparin, and warfarinincreases bleeding riskinteraction between green tea and warfarindecreases anticoagulant effectsinteractions between st john's wort and opioids, alcohol, CNS depressants, SSRIs, tricyclic antidepressants, warfarinpotentiates sedation, increases risk of serotonin syndrome, decreases anticoagulant effectsinteraction between valerian and barbiturates, benzos, and other CNS depressantspotentiates sedation