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Observers on the ground were _____________ to see the rocket explode and plunge back to earth seconds after launch.


Although they did not dare to attack the emperor's favorite publicly, they _______________ in secret to bring about his downfall.


Since you were given ____________ time to prepare your report, I can see no excuse for your failure to complete it.


The giant crushers lifted the boulders and quickly _______________ them into a uniform gray powder.


In answer to unfair criticisms, we _____________ proudly that Americans have been most generous in giving aid to the needy.


The way the child _____________ in fear whenever an adult spoke to him gave me the impression that he had been mistreated from infancy.


A(n) _______________ TV viewer, who watches any progam, good or bad, is bound to waste a lot of time.


Because the public-address system was not working, the voice of the speaker was completely _________________ to most of the people in the hall.


The planning board refused to alow the construction of a factory in close _____________ to our school building.


Who would be so proud or so foolish as to______________ a helping hand in time of real need?


The writer of the mystery story set up an interesting situation, but in my opinion the ending was not ______________.


Regulation of radio a TV station falls within the ________________ of the federal government.


People of all religions strive to live up to the ______________ standards summarized in the Ten Commandments.


Although nature has been far from _____________ with its gifts to Japan, that nation has become highly productive and prosperous.


Did Ben Jonson write the ______________ that is engraved on Shakespeare's tombstone?


I hope he was just being ________________ when he said that my dancing reminded him of a trained bear.


In that elegant French restaurant, which serves all kinds of fancy foods, she ordered a(n) ______________ ham and cheese on rye.


The "ghostly figure" you thing you saw in the graveyard was no more than a(n) ________________ created by your imagination.


The movie about invaders from outer space was so succssful that the studio is preparing a(n) ______________.


For the moment the crowd was quite and subdued, but we knew that it was so ______________ that it might become ugly and dangerous at any time.

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