Psychology chapter 1

The ability To effectively manage stress
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A significant change in the treatment of people with mental illness occurred in the 1950s when...psychotropic drugs became available for use.Which of the following is a standard of practice?outcome identificationBefore the period of the enlightenment, treatment of the mentally ill includedPlacing the mentally ill on display for the publics amusement.The first training of nurses to work with persons with mental illness was in 1882 and which stateMassachusettsWhat is meant by the term revolving door effect in a mental health care?Shorter and more frequent hospital stays for persons with severe and persistent mental illnessWhich of the following statements by the nurse to the clients family is true of treatment of people with mental illness in the United States today?Only One in four people needing mental health services are receiving those servicesThe case manager is providing an educational seminar for the nursing staff, she includes objectives from healthy people 2020. Which of the following is the priority of the objectives for mental health?Treatment of mental illnessWhich is a positive aspect of treating clients with mental illness in a community-based care?You will be able to live in your own house while you still see a therapist regularlyOne of the unforeseen affects of the movement towards community mental health services is...An increased number of admissions to available hospice servicesWhich is included in healthy People 2020 objectives?To increase the number of people who are identified, diagnosed, treated, and helped to live healthier livesA client diagnosed with a mild Anxiety disorder has been referred to treatment in our community mental health center. Treatment and most likely provided at the center includes..Medical management of symptomsThere are many areas of practice and psychiatric mental health nursing. One of those is advanced level practice. Which of the following is considered an advanced level function?EvaluationNursing education has become brought in practice setting. The addition to the psychiatric nursing became a requirement in nursing education in 1950 by whom?National League of nursingA new graduate nurse has excepted a staff position at an inpatient mental health facility. The graduate nurse can expect to be responsible for a basic level functions, includingUsing effective communication skillsWhich of the following is one of the American nurses Association standards of practice for psychiatric mental health nursing?Some aspects of standard of 5: implementation may only be carried out by psychiatric mental health advanced practice nurses.The nurse knows that mental health issues are constantly changing. Which of the following is a standard of professional performance to keep in current practice?EducationA student of hair is very nervous on the first day of clinical in a psychiatric setting. The student reviews the instructors guidelines and appropriately intakes which of the following actions? select all that applyDiscusses the anxious feeling with the instructor, builds rapport with the patient before asking personal questions, consults the instructor if a shocking situation arisesThe appropriate action for a student nurse who says the wrong thing is to..Restate it by saying, that didn't come out right. What I meant wasThe newly licensed RN has been hired at the local hospital in the Geri psych unit. Today's her first day of orientation to this facility. What would the nurses priority action if a client becomes aggressive?Maintain a safe distance from the clientThe cherries psych nurse understandsThat the DSM-5 describes all mental disorders with specific criteria. The DSM-5?has the following purposes: select all that apply.To provide a standardize nomenclature and language for all mental health professionals, To present defining characteristics or symptoms that differentiate specific diagnoses, to assist in identifying the underlying causes of disordersIf the client states, I carry this lucky rabbits foot for luck, my dad did too, and it really works, which statement about a nurse for flights for specs for the clients believe?I can ask that that you feel it is a lucky, so let's get our activities for the day.A client with schizophrenia has been noncompliant with medications. The client requires frequent admissions To the psychiatric unit for acute psychotic episodes. What is this process called?Revolving doorWhat organization developed and maintained's standards of practice that are used to determine save quality care, and that can be used illegally, if incorporated into the state practice act or nurses rules and regulations, that God the nursing profession?ANA American nurses association