13 terms

"There Will Come Soft Rains" Eng. SS

chronological order
the sequence in which events occur
judgment based on evidence in the story and your own prior knowledge
there's no one in the house, the garage door opens waiting for someone to get into the car
What details show that this is an unusual day for the family?
there was a nuclear bombing
What has happened to the city?
the house continues its routine, and is oblivious to the dog's death and keeps cleaning
How does the house react when the dog runs through it and sniffs at the kitchen door? What does the dog's death suggest about the house?
the society relies on technology as a way to make chores and life easier
What do you learn about the society from the house's many automated features?
nature will continue even if hums destroy each other in war
What do you think is the theme or main message of the poem?
the house is doing the only thing it can do, programmed actions, which makes it pitiful
What about the house is pitiful when it shows its sublime disregard for the fire?
technology is powerful but is mindless and must be controlled through human effort and used wisely, not depended on
What idea about technology does Bradbury convey in the burning of the house?
cooking, cleaning, gardening
What three functions does the house perform in this story?
first the empty house carries out its programmed tasks, then a falling tree branch causes a fire, finally the house is destroyed after trying to save itself
What statement best describes the changes the house undergoes during the story?
the family appreciates nature through technological media
What conclusion can you draw about the family and their relationship to the natural world through the description of the nursery?
technology is powerful but must be handled wisely
What is the theme, or main message, of the story?