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The united states was the 2nd largest nation in the Western World following the Civil War
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In 1877, presidents of the nations four largest railroads collectively decided to cut wages by _________ percent10%which of the following was not an action of Rutherford B. Hayes that caused many in his own party to be upset with himc. he passed taxes on all Americans to raise money to build the railroad industry___________ ___________ shot president garfield at washington railroad station. ___________ ___________ was arrested an dknown for saying "I am a Stalwart, Arthur is now president of the country"Charles Guitauwhich state was not one of the ones not accounted for?a. ohiogrover cleveland lost a lot of support because in 1887, he vetoed a bill to provide seeds for drought ravaged farmers from what state?Texaswhich of the following was not part of the panic of 1873D. banks weren't giving enough loans to finance the projects, thus making them have enough money to stop the Panic of 1873The republican party supported which of the following actions?c. the use of bayonets to enforce emancipation in the southWhat secretary of treasury did they work with?B. George Boutwell