CLCV 102 week 2

prefixes are
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tachy-fast tachycardia (fast heartbeat)ante-in front of anteorbital (in front of eye socket)endo-within, inner endoscope (instrument for viewing within) endometrium (inner lining of uterus)epi-above epigastric (above stomach)ex-outward exophthalmos (eyes bulging outward)extra-outside of extraocular (outside of eye)hypo-below hypogastric (below stomach)in-inward inhalation (to breathe inward)infra-below infraorbital (below eye socket)inter-between intervertebral (between vertebrae)intra-within intravenous (inside vein)para-beside; two like parts of a pair paranasal (beside the nose) paraplegia (paralysis of two like parts of a pair)peri-around periodontal (around tooth)retro-behind retroperitoneal (behind the peritoneum)sub-under subcutaneous (under skin)supra-above suprapubic (above pubic bone)trans-across transurethral (across urethra)bi-two bilateral (two sides)di-two diplegia (paralysis of two extremities)hemi-half hemiplegia (paralysis of half one side of body)hyper-excessive hyperemesis (excessive vomiting)hypo-insufficient hypocalcemia (insufficient calcium in blood)micro-small microscope (instrument for viewing small things)mono-one monoplegia (paralysis of one extremity)multi-many multigravida (many more than one pregnancies)nulli-none nulligravida (no pregnancies)pan-all pansinusitis (inflammation of all sinuses)poly-many polyarteritis (inflammation of all sinuses)primi-first primigravida (first pregnancy)quadri-four quadriplegia (paralysis of all four extremities)tri-three triplegia (paralysis of three extremities)ultra-excess ultrasound (excess high sound-wave frequency)uni-one unilateral (one side)ante-before antepartum (before birth)neo-new neonate (newborn)post-after postpartum (after birth)pre-before premenstrual (before menstruation)auto-self autograft (graft from self one's own body)echo-a repeating sound echocardiography (process of recording repeating sounds from the heart)eu-normal eupnea (normal breathing)hetero-different heterograft (graft from different species)homo-same homograft (graft from same species)per-through percutaneous (through skin)pro--can mean "in front of" in a spatial sense, although ante- and pre- are more common -pro- attached to a substance, type of cell, or chemical name can also refer to a developmental precursor to that substanceassimilation-predictable -effects on pronunciation can change spelling -ex. inpuls --> impulse -since in in-puls is difficult to say but im-puls is almost the same and much easier, the "n" of the prefix is assimilated to the initial sound of the root -more likely to happen if the prefix and beginning of root are pronounced in very different areas of the mouthprefixes ending in -n (con-, in-)N + r = rr correlation l ll colligative m mm immobile b mb combine p mp compressprefixes ending in -d (ad-)D + c = cc accommodate q cq acquire g gg agglutinate f ff affect l ll allocate p pp appropriate n nn annotate r rr arrangeprefixes ending in -s (dis-), -x (ex-)S + f = ff Diffuse X + f = ff Effectprefixes ending in -b (sub-)B + c = cc succeed p pp support g gg suggest r rr surrogate