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beau's lines
visible depressions running across the width of the natural nail plate that are the result of a major illness or injury are
a condition that results from the living skin splitting around the nail is
minor damage to matrix that produces a whitish discoloration or white spots on the nail is
split or brittle nails with a series of lengthwise ridges and a rough appearance to the surface of the nail plate is
nail pterygium
an abnormal condition that occurs when skin is stretched by the nail plate and is a result of damage to the eponychium or hyponychium is
inflammation of the nail matrix followed by shredding of the natural nail plate is
nail psoriasis
tiny pits or severe roughness on the surface of the nail plate is an indication of
pyogenic granuloma
a severe inflammation in which a lump of red tissue grows up from the nail ed to the nail plate is a sign of
total immersion of implements while they are disinfecting is a requirement of the
as a rule of thumb, the lower the grit on an abrasive nail file the more
loosen & dissolve dead tissue
cuticle removers typically contain sodium or potassium hydroxide used to
pumice powder
a mild abrasive that polishes fine scratches from the surface of the nail plate is
sides to center
natural nails should be filed from
the half moon at the base of the natural nail is called the
relaxer movement
a form of massage known as "joint movement" is the
foot files are also known as
when performing a pedicure, do not push back the
compression movements, which include kneading, squeezing, and friction, are
effleurage on instep
in a massage, a friction movement using the fist with thumb out and applying firm pressure up the heel toward the ball of the foot is
massage preparations
products used to massage, lubricate, and moisturize skin are
fine point
toenail clippers that are the most effective should have jaws with a
shallow depressions that serve as contact points for nail tips and the natural nail are called
properly applied nail tips should never cover more than how much of the natural nail
cuticle to free edge
when removing dust from the natural nail plate, stroke the brush from
nail wraps
nail enhancements made by using nail-size pieces of cloth or paper are
wrap resin
the product that gives a nail wrap system its unique properties is the
a thin, tightly woven natural material that becomes transparent when wrap resin is applied is
fabric wraps are made from silk, fiberglass, and
4 weeks
new fabric application and rebalancing on nail wraps should be done every
liquid and powder
nail enhancements, commonly called acrylic nails, are based on mixing a combination of
also called benzoyl peroxide
benzoyl peroxide
the initiator added to polymer powder to start the chain reaction of curing the nail enhancement is
mix ratio
the ratio of polymer powder and liquid monomer used to create a product bead is called the
teneite acetate
performed nail extensions made from __ plastic are nail tips
cyanoacrylate monomers
nail adhesives used for securing nail tips are all based on
dappen dishes
special containers used to hold monomers and powder to minimize contamination and evaporation are
sable hair
for use with acrylic products, the best brushes to use are composed of
medium consistency
the second bead of product placed on the natural nail should be of
dry mix ration
in general, odorless acrylics must be used with a(n)
circular motions
when using an odorless product, for the proper mix ratio with the brush, use multiple
inhibition layer
odorless products harden more slowly, which creates the tacky layer called the
although they are not traditionally thought of this way, nail enhancements based on UV curing chemistry are:
urethane methacrylates (acrylic family)
newer gel systems use
urethane acrylate
traditionally, UV gels relied on
40 wattage
how much electricity does a UV bulb consumes
brushes that are used to hold and spread the UV gel are
base coat UV gel
the first UV gel applied is called the
inhibition layer
UV gels cure with a tacky surface called a(n)
2 to 3 weeks
for proper maintenance, UV gel enhancements must be rebalanced every