Ch. 7 The Muscular System

smooth muscle
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T (transverse) Tubulesformed by the sarcolemma penetrating into the cell, come into contact with expanded portions of the sarcoplasmic reticulummyofibrilsrun the length of the muscle fibermyosinthick filaments, end in a double globular head that will form a crossbridgeactinthin filamentsI bandcontains only thin filamentsA bandthe center of the sarcomere that contains both thick and thin filamentsH zonethe center of the A band that has only myosin filamentssliding filament theoryoccurs when sarcomeres shorten, thick and thin filaments remain the same length, I band shortens, and the H zone disappearsoriginattachment of a muscle to the immovable boneinsertionattachment of a muscle to the bone that movesprime movermuscle that does most of the work in a movementsynergistmuscles that assist the prime moverantagonistmuscles that work opposite one another to bring about movement in opposite directions