Neuroscience: Exploring the brain

Central Nervous System (CNS)
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The use of animals in neuroscience research (morally)-Role of animal welfare societies -Neuroscientists accept certain moral responsibilities. •Ensure that experiments are worthwhile and well planned. •Eliminate or minimize pain and distress to the animal. All possible alternatives must be considered first. -Animal rights •Philosophy •Abolition of animal use •Animal rights activists •False claims of extremistsAlzheimer's diseasea progressive degenerative disease of the brain that results in dementia always fatalAutismA disorder emerging in early childhood characterized by impairments in communication and social interactions, and restricted and repetitive behaviorscerebral palsya motor disorder caused by damage to the cerebrum before, during, or soon after birthDepressiona serious disorder of mood characterized by insomnia , loss of appetite, and feelings of dejectionepilepsyA condition characterized by periodic disturbances of brain electrical activity that can lead to seizures, loss of consciousness, and sensory disturbancesmultiple sclerosisa progressive disease that affects nerve conduction, characterized by episodes of weakness, lack coordination, and speech disturbanceParkinson's diseasea progressive disease of the brain that leads to difficulty in initiating voluntary movementSchizophreniaa severe psychotic illness characterized by delusions, hallucinations, and bizarre behaviorSpinal paralysisa loss of feeling and movement caused by traumatic damage to the spinal cordstrokea loss of brain function caused by disruption of the blood supply, usually leading to permanent sensory, motor, or cognitive deficit