Pharm: Chapter 8: Pain, Fever, & Inflammation

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salicylates are also known as?
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prototype for propionic acids derivativesibuprofenprototype for oxicam derivativesmeloxicamprototype for acetic acid derivativesindomethacinstrong anti inflammatory effects and more severe adverse effects than the propionic acid deriativesindomethacinprototype for selective COX 2 inhibitorcelecoxibselectively blocked production of prostaglandins associated with pain and inflammation without blocking those associated with protective effects on gastric mucosa, renal function, and platelet aggregationcelecoxibibuprofen inhibits ___________ synthesis in the ______ and ______prostaglandins CNS, PNSibuprofen helps with ______ and _______pain, inflammationNSAIDs inhibit _______ and ________ enzymes required for ___________ productionCOX-1, COX-2 prostaglandinhow does an NSAID relieve pain?acting centrally and peripherally to block pain impulse transmissionhow does an NSAID relieve fever?by decreasing hypothalamic response and resetting "thermostat" at lower levelaspirin and nonselective NSAIDs have an ____________ effect (thins blood)antiplateletcompared to aspirin, Tylenol is only for _______ and _______pain, fevert/f: acetaminophen has anti-inflammatory propteriesfalseindications for NSAID use-inflammatory disorders -to relieve pain -reduce fever -to suppress platelet aggregationt/f NSAIDs are recommended for visceral painfalsecontraindications for NSAIDs -increased risk of serious ____ adverse effects -__________ to ASA -chronic _______ _______ -__________ and ___________ -___________ -potential risk to _________GI hypersensitivity alcohol abuse children, adolescents pregnancy fetuscontraindications for NSAIDs: increased risk of serious GI adverse effects -____________ -______________ -___________ of stomach and intestinesbleeding ulceration perforationcontraindications for NSAIDs: contraindicated in the presence of -________ ________ disease - GI or other _________ disorders -impaired ________ functionpeptic ulcer bleeding renala patient with history of chronic alcohol abuse uses NSAIDs. they are at risk for?gastric bleedingchildren CANNOT take aspirin due to _________ ___________reye's syndromecontraindications for NSAIDs: pregnancy -potential for ________ from GI blood loss -potential for __________ __________anemia postpartum hemmorhagecontraindications for NSAIDs: potential risks to fetus -low birth ________ -________ toxicity -premature closure of ductus arteriosus -__________ hemmorrhage -__________weight renal intracranial stillbirthwhat is the prototype for nonnarcotic analgesic antipyretics?acetaminophenthis drug is uses for pain and fever reductionacetaminophent/f acetaminophen can cause nausea, vomiting, GI bleeding, and interfere with blood clottingfalseacetaminophen is essentially equal to __________ in analgesic and antipyretic effectsaspirinacetaminophen lacks ______________ activityanti-inflammatoryacetaminophen is metabolized in the ___________. small amount remains in the body as a ______ _______liver toxic metabolitea patient who has overdoses on acetaminophen will most likely need a _________ transplantliverusual therapeutic doses of acetaminophen can increase liver damage in who?those who abuse alcoholthe maximum daily dose of acetaminophen is ___________ from all sources4 grams______ to ______ hours after overdose, liver function tests begin to show increased levels24, 48although there are no specific S/S initially, later manifestations of acetaminophen overdose include: -________ -________ -________ stimulation with _________ -_________ followed by _______ and _______jaundice vomiting CNS, excitement delirium, coma deathacetaminophen toxicity treatment: if overdose is detected within ____ hours after ingestion, perform __________ __________ and administer ___________ ________.4 gastric lavage activated charcoalwhat is the antidote for acetaminophen toxicity?acetylcysteineacetylcysteine can be administered via ____ or _____IV, orallywhen is acetylcysteine most beneficial?if given 8 to 10 hours after ingestion (may be helpful within 36 hours)t/f acetylcysteine reverses the damage sustained from acetaminophen toxicityFALSEuric acid?? antigout???