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Which of the following describes the tone of "what love isn't?"

A. honest
B. affectionate
C. pessimistic
D. mournful
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Which of the following is a topic of "Sonnet 43?" A. marriage B. forbidden love C. candle light D. all of the aboveBWho is the author of "Sonnet 43?"Elizabeth Barrett BrowningSonnet 43: What does the poem say about love?how passionately the author's love is and how she will love her husband even after deathSonnet 43: The repetition of words that end in th is an example of _________________.consonanceEraser Tattoo: What is the conflict?Shay is moving away from Brooklyn where her boyfriend Dante livesEraser Tattoo: Which of the following describes the setting? A. tranquil B. boring C. quiet D. none of the aboveDEraser Tattoo: Which of the following is a way Shay and Dante showed their friendship? A. Shay helping him clean his wounds B. The eraser tattoo C. Shay becoming a marine biologist D. both A and BDEraser Tattoo: What does the line, "He knew the sting wouldn't last forever. But the scar would" (Reynolds 6-7) mean?The thought of Shay moving away from Dante won't always make him as sad as he his now, but he will always remember her.Becky Day: what is the conflict?The widow spreads rumors about Becky Day so that her husband Jim will leave her. Dave, Becky's brother, kills Jim for leaving Becky. Jim's brother fights with Dave for killing his brother. Dave and Becky are on one side, Jim's brother and the widow are on the other side, and the missionary is in the middle.Becky Day: where is the setting?a small mountain town in Kentucky where a flood has just taken placeBecky Day: What literary device is the flood?Allusion to Noah's ArkBecky Day: What literary device is the line, "she brushed the death-damp from the forehead that already seemed growing cold" (Fox Jr. 3)?metaphor