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Harriet Beecher Stowe

published Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1852 as an attempt to show the North the horrors of slavery.

Hinton R. Helper

a non-aristocrat from North Carolina, wrote The Impending Crisis of the South.

New England Emigrant Aid Company

a minority of the people moving to Kansas was financed by groups of northern abolitionists who wanted to see Kansas as a free state.

Shawnee Mission

slavery supporters set up their own government at __________ ________


Free-soilers then set up their goverment in ___________

John Brown

fanatical abolitionist who hacked to death 5 presumed pro-slavery men at Pottawatomic Creek.

Lecompton Constitution

this document stated that the people were not allowed to vote for or against the constitution as a whole, rather, they could vote would be "with slavery" or "without slavery".

James Buchanan

a democrat, succeeded Pierce as the President of the U.S. He had a strong southern influence and approved of the Lecompton Constitution.

Senator Stephen Douglas

strongly opposed the document and he campaigned against it (Lecompton Constitution)

President Buchanan

divided the powerful Democratic Party by enraging the Douglas Democrats of the North.

Senator Charles Sumner

gave a provoking speech condemning pro-slavery men, in particular Senator Andrew Butler, which led him to be beatened on the senate floor.

Preston Brooks

beat Charles Sumner with a cane to unconsciouness.

American Party by

was formed by President who were alarmed the increase of immigrant from Ireland to Germany.

James Buchanan

won the election of 1856.

Panic of 1857

broke out due to California gold inflating the currency and over-speculation in land and railroads.

Homestead Act of 1860

made public lands avaliable at $0.25/acre, but was vetoed by President Buchanan.

"Freeport Doctrine"

Douglas's response to Lincoln's question, "What if the people of a territory should vote down slavery?"

John Brown

killed after he seized the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry.

John C. Breckenridge

Democrat's choice for president.

Constitutional Union Party

was formed by former Whigs and Know-Nothings.

Abraham Lincoln

won the election of 1860.

Alabama, Mississippi, Flordia, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas

seven states that seceeded.

Jefferson Davis

a recent memeber of the U.S senate for Mississippi, as President of the secceded states.

Crittenden Amendment

Constitution designed to appease the south.

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