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management tool in which income is spent, saved, and invested


technology that allows bank customers ot take action in their account at any time

Check 21

similar to a debit card

financial plan

an orderly program for spending, saving, and investing money to achieve goals

fixed expenses

set costs

flexible expenses

costs that are not set

debit card

card that automatically deducts money from your account when used for purchases


money received that is available to use


the increased cost of living


the price a borrower pays to use someone elses money

investment risk

the uncertainty of the return on an investment

outstanding check

checks that have not yet been reported on a bank statement


insufficient funds to cover the check's amount


to bring a bank statement and your register into agreement

rule of 72

the amount of time it takes for your money to double in value

spending plan

plan for spending and saving money based on personal goals

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