Papálotl 3, 4 y 5

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vamos al norte
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un díaone daymira una hojashe looks at a leafve a otra orugashe sees another caterpillarforma su crisálidashe forms her chrysalisestá impresionadashe's impressedes impresionanteIt's impressiveva a formar una crisálidashe's going to forma a chrysalisal otro díathe next daytiene una sensación inusualthe has an unusual feelingle diceit says to heres una oruga muy talentosashe's a very talented caterpillarse quiere transformrshe wants to transform herselfun organismo diferentea different organismtransfórmatetransform yourselfse transforma enshe transforms herself intouna bestiaa beasterait wasquiere escapar de su crisálidashe wants to escape from her chrysalisse mueveshe moveslos movimientosthe movementsfracturanthey fractureescapa por la fracturashe escapes through the fracturerápidamentequicklylentamenteslowlyes difícilit's difficultes fácilit's easysus alasher wingsestán muy húmedasthey are very dampson muy suavesthey are very softno se mueven muy bienthey don't move wellno puedo volarI can't flynecesito alas firmesI need firm wingspara volarin order to flynecesito alas rígidasI need rigid wingsveshe seesestán abandonadasthey're abandonedyo también quiero volarI want to fly tooperobutes imposible volarit's impossible to flyescucha tus instintoslisten to your instinctsmueve tu tóraxmove your thoraxhay un líquidothere's a liquidvuelashe fliesno nota el tráficoshe doesn't notice the trafficenfrente dein front of (facing)qué horrorhow horribleno tiene el control de sus alasshe doesn't have control of her wingsno está muertashe's not deadponemos el altarwe place the altarvamos a poner el altarwe're going to place the altarvan a regresarthey're going to returnquiero que regrese ahoraI want it to return nowme mirashe looks at mees muy compasivashe's very compassionatetiene mucha sedshe's very thirstyquiere bebershe wants to drinkignora su sedshe ignores her thirsthacia Méxicotoward Mexicono importait doesn't matterquiere beber néctar de las floresshe wants to drink nectar from the flowersnecesita beber néctarshe needs to drink nectardecide buscar floresshe decides to search for flowerses un misterioIt's a mysteryno se puede moverhe can't moveestá in condición críticahe's in critical conditionno estoy bienI'm not wellusan pesticidasthey use pesticidestambién estaré muertoI will be dead alsovamos a buscarwe're going to look forse siente nerviosashe feels nervouscon dificultadwith difficultymucho másmuch moreen ese momentoat that momentes un jardínit's a gardense refrescahe refreshes himselftienen mucha sedthey are very thirstytodoall