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His job has a great __________ package. = extra money or other advantages that you get as part of your job (Ex. paid vacation, health insurance, pension, bonuses, etc)
She has a lot of __________ in her job. = the ability or opportunity to make your own decisions without being controlled by anyone else (= independence)
My boss always tries to _________ me. = to organize and control all the details of another person's work in a way that they think is annoying
He met with several _________. = someone you work with, used especially by professional people
She got a ________ at the end of the year. = money added to someone's wages, especially as a reward for good work
After finishing the project, he had a sense of _________. = something successful or impressive that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work
The job gave him an ________ to meet people. = a chance to do something or an occasion when it is easy for you to do something.
make a difference
He wants a job in which he can ________. = do things that make the world or a situation better.
Her job has a lot of _______. = safe and not changing
Working with people from different cultures is _______. = exciting or full of new ideas [≠ boring]:
He wants to _____ for a job as a teacher. = to make a formal request, usually written, for something such as a job
He has a good _______ with his company. = an official agreement between two or more people, stating what each will do
They need to hire a new ______. = a person who works for a company
You need to have at least 3 years ______ to get this job. = time spent doing a job
He get paid more for ______. = time that you spend working in your job in addition to your normal working hours
She is looking for a ______ position at that company. = something that lasts a long time; not short-term
Some jobs require many _______. = you have passed an examination or course to show you have a particular level of skill or knowledge in a subject
She has a lot of financial _______. =special skills or knowledge in a particular subject, that you learn by experience or training.
Most people in the U.S. ____ at around 65. = stop working because you are older or have enough money to live.
Some companies hire _____ employees during busy times of the year. = something for a short time.
He was _____ because he was constantly late. = to force someone to leave their job because of poor performance.
She prefers to be ______. = working for yourself; without a boss
She _____ her own business. = to have something; it belongs to you
She was ______ after only a couple of months. = to make someone's position in a company higher and with more money.
She has an ______ tomorrow. + a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job
He sent in his ______. =a short written account of your education and your previous jobs that you send to an employer when you are looking for a new job [= CV British English]
The average __________ of a preschool teacher is $27,000 a year. = money that you receive as payment from the organization you work for, usually paid to you every month
His company offers a good _________ plan. = an amount of money paid regularly by the government or company to someone who does not work any more,
She has a long ________ everyday. = the trip to work every day
__________ has become more common in recent years. = working at home using a computer connected to a company's main office
The manager explained the _______ of the job. = something you have to do as part of your job. = responsibilities
Answering the phone is one of his ________. = something that you must do as part of your job. = duties
She is interested in a _________ in education. = a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life
The advertisement listed the job __________. = something that an employer says you must have in order to get a job. (Ex. a bachelor's degree, 3 years experience, etc.)
Jobs with low pay often have a lot of _________. =the rate at which people leave an organization and are replaced by others
minimum wage
The _________ in California is $9/hour. = the lowest amount of money that an employer can legally pay to a worker
The US has many _______ laws to protect employees. = the right of people to be treated equally regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity
dress code
The company has a strict ______. = rules about clothing, etc. that people can wear to work.
The new employees get a lot of ______. = learning skills for a particular job or activity
human resources
She has to talk to the people in the ______ department. = the department in a company that deals with employing, training, and helping people
She felt that the boss was treating her ______. = in a way that is fair, honest, and reasonable
move up the ladder
He really wants to _________. = (idiom) get higher positions in a company
There is a lot of _______ for that job. = a situation in which people try to be more successful than other people
work environment
She wants to have a calm work _______. = the people and things that are around you in your life
customer service
He works in the _________ department. = the part of a company or business that deals with questions, problems etc that customers have
He has a lot of experience in ________. = the sale of goods in shops to customers
He reported a problem to his _______. = the person who is in charge of an activity or people, and makes sure that things are done in the correct way.
She is a real _______. = someone who is likely to be successful because they are very determined and have a lot of energy
He is very _______. = works well without wasting time, money, or energy
Apple is a very ______ company. = doing things that are new, different, and better than those that existed before
fill in
He is going to ______ for me at work. = do someone else's job because that person is not there
go over
He decided to ________ his supervisor's head. = talk to someone higher up in the company.
nose to the grindstone
He really needs to put his ________. = work very hard.
The employees went on _______. = a period of time when a group of workers deliberately stop working because they want to improve their pay, working conditions etc
laid off
The company was losing money, so they _______ some workers. = ends a worker's employment because there is not enough work; not because the worker did a bad job
make a living
It is hard to ________ in the Bay Area because things are very expensive. = earn enough money to live
for a living
What do you do ______? = work you do to make money
She's a a bit of a _______. = can't stop working; always working.
He needs to use a lot of special _______ for his job. = the tools, machines, clothes etc that you need to do a particular job or activity
She got an _______ at Google for the summer. = a job that lasts for a short time, that someone, especially a student, does in order to gain experience
Interns often do ______ work because they want to get work experience. = a time when you work but don't get money
The company _______ its workers. = to treat someone unfairly by asking them to do things for you, but giving them very little in return
They have a very ______ working environment. = when people work well together and help each other.
start up
He is working for a ______ in Silicon Valley. = a new small company or business, especially one whose work involves computers or the Internet
Job _______ is really important to him. = feeling safe that you won't lose your job
maternity leave
She get six weeks _________. = paid time off when a woman has a baby.
He is a good accountant because he is very _______. = pays attention to small points and makes sure things are correct
deal with
She has to _______ a lot of angry customers. = to take the necessary action, especially in order to solve a problem
in charge of
He is ________ the customer service department. = the position of having control or responsibility for a group of people or an activity
He got an _______ at a construction company. = when someone works for an employer for a fixed period of time in order to learn a particular skill or job:
She joined the teachers' ______. = an organization formed by workers to protect their rights
work ethic
He has a strong ______. = a belief in the moral value and importance of working hard