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rome dates

About when did Neolithic cultures form in the Italian peninsula?
5000 B.C
When did the 1st Punic war end?
241 B.C
When did Caligula come to power?
37 A.D
When was Octavian appointed comander-in-chief for life?
27 B.C
when did the first Punic war start?
264 B.C
When did Vesuvius erupt?
August 24, 79 A.D
Who stopped the proconsuls from exploiting the provinces?
Augustus Caesar
when did the second Punic war start?
218 B.C
When did many plebeians refused to fight in the Roman army unless the patricians yielded to the demands for change?
494 B.C
When were Caesar's assains defeated?
42 B.C
When did Marius become a consul?
107 B.C
When did Rome burn Carthage?
146 B.C
Around when did the Romans control the entire peninsula?
264 B.C
When did the people of Italy first come into contact with the Greeks?
900 B.C
Whend id Nero become emporer?
54 A.D
When did the Greeks set up farming communities in Sicily?
750-500 B.C
When did the Julio-Claudian emporers rule?
14-68 A.D
During what years did Octavian rule?
24 B.C-14 A.D
When did Tarquin the proud come to power?
534 B.C
Whend was Commondus killed?
192 A.D
When was Octavian made commander and chief for life?
27 B.C
Where, when and by whom was Hannibal defeated?
Zama, 202 B.C, Scipio Africanus
Whend did Diocletian come to power?
284 A.D
when and where did Caesar defeat Pompey?
Pharsalus, Greece in 48 B.C
How long did the 1st Punic war last?
23 years
When did Julius Caesar campaign in Gaul?
59 B.C
When did the second Punic war end?
201 B.C