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  1. Can be used to receive data from a video camera
  2. To reduce the amount of electrical "noise," or interference, on a SCSI cable, each end of the SCSI chain has a(n) ____________________ resistor.
  3. Later sockets used a ____, with pins staggered over the socket to squeeze more pins into a small space.
  4. ____ transfers data directly from the drive to memory without involving the CPU.
  5. Has a maximum speed of 12 Mbps or 1.5 Mbps
  1. a DMA
  2. b Original USB (USB 1.1)
  3. c staggered pin grid array
  4. d terminating
  5. e FireWire input/output port

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  1. dock
  2. ANSI
  3. MP3
  4. True
  5. logical

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  1. Has no moving partsLGA775 or Socket T


  2. The ____ assignments refer to the system resources a parallel port will use to manage a print job.LPT


  3. Moves the read/write heads across the disk surfaces in unisonActuator


  4. A(n) ____________________ motherboard used with an Energy Saver monitor can be configured to go into standby or sleep mode after a period of inactivity.Green


  5. Every I/O device is controlled by