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  1. When using an 80-conductor cable-select cable, the drive nearest the motherboard is the ____.
  2. Many brand-name computer manufacturers, such as IBM, Dell, and Gateway, use the same standard setup screens.
  3. The second drive installed on the cable
  4. On the motherboard, the ____ controls power to the motherboard and must be connected for the PC to power up.
  5. Chips sometimes loosen because of temperature changes; this condition is called ____.
  1. a Slave
  2. b Power SW
  3. c chip creep
  4. d master
  5. e False

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  1. 700 MB
  2. dock
  3. zero insertion force sockets
  4. DMA
  5. linear velocity

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  1. Access to a computer can be controlled using a ____ password.startup


  2. At the beginning of the boot drive (usually drive C) is the OS ____ record.boot


  3. A good source for information about hardware devices (and software) is a site that offers product reviews and technical specifications and compares product prices and features.RAID


  4. The ATA interface standards are developed by Technical Committee T13 and published by ____.CMOS RAM


  5. A ____ device is an input device that inputs biological data about a person, which can be input data to identify a person's fingerprints, handprints, face, voice, eye, and handwritten signature.biometric