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  1. A ____ plug is a tool used to test a serial, parallel, USB, network, or other port.
  2. The ATA interface standards are developed by Technical Committee T13 and published by ____.
  3. A(n) ____________________ motherboard used with an Energy Saver monitor can be configured to go into standby or sleep mode after a period of inactivity.
  4. Has no moving parts
  5. The total number of ____ on the drive determines the drive capacity.
  1. a ANSI
  2. b Solid state drive
  3. c sectors
  4. d loop-back
  5. e Green

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  1. form factor
  2. Slave
  3. Device Manager
  4. RAID
  5. External hard

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  1. When installing an optical drive, for a PATA interface set the jumper on the ____ of the drive.rear


  2. Today's PCs have four or five buses, each with different speeds, access methods, and protocols.True


  3. Has a maximum speed of 12 Mbps or 1.5 MbpsSuperSpeed USB 3.0


  4. The overall structure an OS uses to name, store, and organize files on a drivefile system


  5. The ____ and the chipset determine which processors a board can support.TV tuner