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  1. To protect the data on a USB storage device while removing it, double-click the ____ icon in the notification area before removing the device.
  2. Newer computers do not allow you to boot without a keyboard.
  3. ____ mode involves the CPU and is slower than DMA mode.
  4. Beginning with the Intel i800 series of chipsets, a(n) ____________________ is used to connect buses.
  5. The top and bottom of each disk of a magnetic hard drive have a(n) ____ that moves across the disk surface as all the disks rotate on a spindle.
  1. a Safely Remove Hardware
  2. b PIO
  3. c False
  4. d hub
  5. e read/write head

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  1. Pits
  2. Serial
  3. boot
  4. pin grid array
  5. dock

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  1. Solid state hard drives cost more and are less rugged than magnetic hard drives.Basic disk


  2. Sound ports embedded on a motherboardStereo


  3. When burning a CD, DVD or BD, the hard drive needs some temporary holding space for the write process and should have at least ____ of free space.1 GB


  4. The ____-conductor IDE cable has half the number of pins as it has wires.80


  5. After the sound is recorded and digitized, many sound cards convert and compress the digitized sound to ____ format.Hybrid hard drive


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