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Productions 315 @ Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Lean systems

Operations systems that maximize the value added by each of a company's activities by removing waste and delays from them

Just-in-time (JIT) philosophy

The belief that waste (or muda) can be eliminated by cutting unnecessary capacity or inventory and removing non-value-added activities in operations

JIT system

A system that organizes the resources, information flows, and decision rules that enable a firm to realized the benefits of JIT principles


A quantity of items that are processed together

Single-digit setup

The goal of having a setup time of less than 10 minutes

Push method

A method in which production of the item begins in advance of customer needs

Pull method

A method in which customer demand activates production of the service or item


Automatically stopping the process when something is wrong and then fixing the problems on the line itself as they occur


mistake-proofing methods aimed at designing fail-safe systems that minimize human error

Takt time

Cycle time needed to match the rate of production ot the rate of sales or consumption


The leveling of production load by both volume and product mix

Mixed-model assembly

A type of assembly that produces a mix of models in smaller lots

Five S

A methodology consisting of five workplace practices - sorting, straightening, shining, standardizing, and sustaining - that are conducive to visual controls and lean production

One-worker, multiple-machines (OWMM)cell

A one-person cell in which a worker operates several different machines simultaneously to achieve a line flow

Group technology

An option for achieving line-flow layouts with low volume processes


A Japanese word meaning "card" or "visible record" that refers to cards used to control the flow of production through a factory

Value stream mapping

A qualitative lean tool for eliminating waste or muda that involves a current state drawing, a future state drawing, and an implementation plan

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