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the dominant form of political organization in the world - and will likely remain so


and independent country consisting of a specific territory and citizens bound by a sovereign government that demands (but does not always obtain) their loyalty


A ______ should always have land territory, a permanent resident population, government, an organized economy, and a circulation system.


(true/false) Without political organization, there can be no State.

circulation system

one of the characteristics a State must possess: involves some organized means of transmitting goods, people, and ideas from one part of the territory to another.

sovereignty, recognition

the two political criteria that help determine whether or not a political unit is a State.


in a general sense, it means power (over the people of an area) that is unrestrained by laws originating outside the area, or independence completely free of direct external control


in addition to sovereignty, __________ is required for a political unit to be accepted as a State.


a group of people


a reasonably large group of people with a common culture, a territory they view as their homeland, and sharing one or more important cultural traits (language, religion, political institutions, values, historical experience).


a feeling of belonging to a particular nation


three typics of nationalism: civic nationalism, ________ nationalism, religious nationalism


(true, false) nationalism can be a healthy emotion.


the desire to incorporate within the State all areas that had once been part of the State and/or areas of adjacent States that have become home to their ethnic kin (if successful, one state expands at the expense of another).


a people and their territory withdraw from a State to become independent.


an extreme form of nationalism; "superpatriotism"; excessive and bellicose feelings of superiority over all other peoples and countries.


the ideal form to which most nations and States aspire and which best promotes territorial stability.


"a nation with a State wrapped around it" - a State in which no significant group is not part of the nation


great example of a nation-state


Japan, Egypt, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay - all are examples of a ________________


Canada is an example of a ______________ state.

multinational state

Belgium, South Africa, Afghanistan, China - all are examples of a __________ _______


_________ nations: peoples living as a minority in one or more States who want a State of their own carved from territory currently included in one or more States. aka "non-state nations"


examples of Stateless nations: Macedonians living in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia; Basques in Spain and Rance; and ______ in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria.


only two nations have succesfully seceded from the States that originally contained them: East Timor and ________.


a process in which a region receives greater autonomy (local rule) from the central government


this term dervies from an area of northern Italy that was still part of Austria after the rest of Italy had become a nation-state. Italian nationalists referred to it as Italia irredenta - "unredeemed Italy"

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