Marriage and Divorce Short Answer Questions


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Identify two trends (changes) in the pattern of marriage despite the fact that the overall number of marriages have declined (4)
- Fewer people are marrying
- There are more remarriages
- People are marrying later
- Couples are less likely to marry in church
Suggest three reasons for the overall rise in the divorce rate since 1969 (6)
- The 1969 divorce act widened the grounds for divorce
- Declining stigma against divorce (Postmodernism)
- Secularisation - (Postmodernism)
- Individualisation leads to rising expectations of marriage (Late-Modernism)
- Women are now no longer dependent on men financially (Feminism)
Suggest two reasons for the recent decrease in divorce rates (4)
- Fewer people are getting married
- People can't afford to get a divorce and set up two new homes
- Increasing immigration
Suggest two alternatives to Divorce (4)
- Desertion
- Legal separation
- Empty shell marriages
Suggest three social changes which explain why there has been a decline in the marriage rate (6)
- There is less pressure to marry
- Declining shame attached to cohabitation
- Changing position of women - with better job prospects - - women are no longer financially dependent on men
- Increasing fear of divorce (linked to risk society/ risk consciousness/ late-modernism)
Identify two consequences of an increasing divorce rate (4)
- Increase in single parent households after divorce
- Increase in single person households after divorce
- Potential harm to children
- Increase in reconstituted families