Marriage, Divorce and Cohabitation Concepts


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Civil Partnership
A legally recognised union of a same-sex couple, with rights similar to those of marriage
The legal dissolution of a marriage by a court.
Legal Separation
Where a couple remain married but live apart as a result of a court order
Empty Shell Marriage
An alternative to divorce. It is where a couple stay together but without any emotional connection. They may continue to live in the same house, share resources in common, but all the love has disappeared.
Living together in a committed relationship and sharing resources in common but without being married.
The Pure Relationship
A relationship which exists not because of tradition or social pressure, but purely for the benefit of the two people in it - it only lasts as long as it satisfies both partners.
The Negotiated Family
A family which does not conform to any one standard or traditional family norm. It varies according to the wishes and expectations of their members who decide what is best for themselves through negotiation- they enter the relationship on an equal basis.
Consumer Culture
Where A society's norms and values are fundamentally tied up with ideas of freedom and choice - a culture in which most people believe they should have the individual freedom to pick and choose as they see fit
The move from a stable, predictable, clearly structured modern society to a less stable, less predictable, more fluid and fragmented postmodern society
Gender roles
The different norms, values, duties and social positions associated with men and women.