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Not in order Literature vocab section in back of text


adj. - unfriendly
syn. - unemotional
The student remained aloof even though the situation was very emotional.


adj. - feeling alarmed, afraid, anxious
syn. - worried
The storm clouds and loud thunder made the town apprehensive.


adj. - based on one's own preferences
syn. - a purely personal decision
I do not like it when my dad makes arbitrary decisions that suit only him.


adj. - enthusiastic
syn. - passionate, behind 100%
The NFL fans are very ardent for their team.


n. - name unknown
syn. - identity hidden
The author kept his anonymity because he was afraid of threats.


v. - to destroy
syn. - to wipe out in destructive way
The Transformers annihilated their adversaries!


v. - to expect
syn. - to look forward to
Are you anticipating your birthday next week, Mary?


v. - to calm down
syn. - to get someone quieted
The mother was trying to appease her crying baby by offering food.


adj. - covered with a protective or defensive coating
syn. - having an outer protection
The army vehicles in Iraq are often armored to protect the soldiers from explosive devices.


v. - to clearly express
syn. - to say well and precisely
"The public debate teacher was very articulate, right?" said the judge.


adj. - having no street-smarts
syn. - naïve, innocent
Because the new student had been home-schooled, she was very artless and found it hard to adapt to our social group.


v. - wanted to achieve a goal
syn. - sought with great effort
The young high school athlete aspired to be in the NBA and have a basketball career.


adj. - solemn, serious state of being
syn. - having no frills or details
My uncle's wedding ceremony was too austere. It felt like a sad time rather than a happy celebration.

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