Ms. Russo Arcadia anonymity

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n. - name unknown
syn. - identity hidden
- The author kept his anonymity because he was
afraid of threats.
v. - to expect
syn. - to look forward to
- Are you anticipating your birthday next week,
v. - to calm down
syn. - to get someone quieted
- The mother was trying to appease her crying
baby by offering food.
adj. - covered with a protective or defensive coating
syn. - having an outer protection
- The army vehicles in Iraq are often armored to
protect the soldiers from explosive devices.
v. - to clearly express
syn. - to say well and precisely
- "Was the public debate teacher very
articulate?" questioned the judge.
adj. - having no street-smarts
syn. - naïve
- Because the new student had been home-
schooled, she was very artless and found it
hard to adapt to our social group.
v. - wanted to achieve a goal
syn. - sought with great effort
- The young high school athlete aspired to be in
the NBA and have a basketball career.
adj. - solemn, in a serious state of being
syn. - plainly decorated
- My uncle's wedding ceremony lacked
decorations and, therefore, was too austere.
adj. - feeling alarm or nervous
syn. - anxious
- Right before a hard test I am very
adj. - based on one's own preferences
syn. - personal choice, sometimes without a
- In the ice cream store and faced with so many
flavors, I made an arbitrary decision and just went with vanilla.
- My parents were being arbitrary when they
would not give me a reason why.
adj. - passionate
syn. - enthusiastic
- Cheerleaders are certainly an ardent group for
their team.
adj. - deserted, empty
syn. - isolated, devoid of landscaping
- You would not be wrong if you said that the
Arizona desert in parts is barren.
adj. - happy
syn. - cheerful
- The birthday girl was very blithe after opening
her wonderful presents.
v. - leaps forward, like a frog
syn. - springs again and again
- The frog bounds from the edge of Walden
Pond out to a lily pad.
v. - waved in a threatening manner
syn. - showed in a dangerous way
- The fleeing, robbery suspect turned and
brandished a weapon at the bank teller who
was chasing him.

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