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What is the wavelength of a 700 Hz sound wave (assume speed of sound in air is 1125 ft/s; round to the nearest second decimal place e.g. 1.255 = 1.26)?
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The frequency range of human hearing is ___ Hz to ___ Hz20-20,000 HzTrue or false. The speed of sound is NOT affected by temperature.falseIf the opposite angle of a right triangle measures 55 degrees, what is the measure of the remaining angle?35 degreesTrue or false? cos θ = adjacent/hypotenusetrueA 500 Hz tuning fork is vibrating, and 1 millisecond has passed. What is the current phase of the vibration?180 degreesAt maximum compression/condensation, air molecules are at what state?their most denseWhat is meant by 180 degrees phase angle?the midpoint phase of a sine waveHow many times does a 2000 Hz pure tone oscillate per millisecond?2 timesHow many times does a 2000 Hz tone oscillate per second?2000 timesIf two sine waves of the same frequency and at the same phase are summed, the resulting waveform appears as which of the following? - flat - smaller - larger - complexlargerAn audio engineer would like to remove some bothersome high frequency sound from a recording. What type of acoustic filtering should she use?low-pass filterWhich of the following is the abbreviation for stiffness reactance?XsWhat happens to the sound energy that is lost due to impedance mismatch?it is reflectedIf the mass of a system increases, what will happen to the resonant frequency?it will decrease (lower Hz)The frequency at which impedance is lowest is called the ______.resonant frequencyImpedance is composed of (indicate ALL that apply): - admittance - resonance - resistance - mass reactance - stiffness reactance- resistance - mass reactance - stiffness reactanceWhen sound is reflected back in phase, a larger wave is created, it is said that a _________ wave occurs.standingMass and stiffness forces are _______degrees out of phase with one another.180The greatest point of vibration of a tube that is resonating is called the:antinodeIn the formula for impedance, Za=√(R^2+(Xm-Xs)^2) what does the R stand for?resistanceWhat frequency range does resistance use?all frequenciesWhat frequency range does mass reactance use?high frequenciesWhat frequency range does compliance reactance use?low frequencies