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Physical features of North America in the upcoming SS test.

Mt. McKinley

The 1 mountain at the top left (north west)

Hudson Bay

That big space of water in the North that goes into the atlantic

Vancouver Island

The island near the western crumply part, south of Alaska

Rocky Mountains

The mountain range leading diagonally downwards, near the western crumply, but not quite there, from west of Mt. McKinley down to California.

Great Plains

The huge space in the middle of North America

Sierra Nevada

The mountains the are near the little tail thing near California, starting from the top of California going to the top of the tail

Colorado River

The river starting from the tail thingy and going northeast

Canadian Shield

The thingy right under Hudson Bay

St. Lawrence River

The river north of the Great Lakes, leading into the Atlantic

Appalachian Mountains

The mountains near the southeast on the coast, but above the Gulf of Mexico

Mississippi River

That river starting kinda from the top of the Gulf then branching northways

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