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the person being bullied--especially in a group-bullying situation


the person doing the bullying--the perpetrator


the person being bullied


when someone commits suicide as a result of being
severely bullied or bullied over a long period of time.

an assertive statement

could stop the behavior in an early stage before it becomes bullying--"I statement" or When you... I feel... because...


people who witness the bullying


for something to be bullying, the behavior needs to

physical bullying

the "old-school" view of bullying--hitting, punching, shoving, pinching--"beating up"

verbal bullying

saying things which one knows will hurt the other person-- using sarcasm, for example

psychological bullying

playing "mind games" with the other person--trying to impact their self-esteem/relationships with others


doing "little things" (e.g.--jiggling their desk, "messing" with their "stuff", etc. which you know will annoy them

relational aggression

the term for the ways girls bully--indirect attacks and behaviors designed to intimidate or control a girl through damaging her social relationships, reputation within a peer group.


being repeatedly tormented, threatened,harassed, humiliated and embarrassed using digital technology

boy bullying

more direct--more likely to be physical;
male victims smaller or 1-2 years younger and most likely to react with anger or fear

girl bullying

more indirect, more emotionally manipulative, use mind games; target same-age peers who more often react with
hurt, sadness, and depression

the year of the Columbine school


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