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This flashcard set is for a 5th grade unit on the Oregon Trail. These terms are from the book If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon by Ellen Levine.


a type of cattle with shaggy hair and up-ward curving horns


a daily record; a journal


daily tasks, like feeding livestock, making your bed, or doing dishes


a race of people native to America

Manifest Destiny

a belief that the United States had a right to all of the land between the east and west coasts


someone who travels over land to reach their destination.

Oregon Trail

a historical route to the western United States extending from various cities on the Missouri River to Oregon and the West coast.


someone who explores or goes to live in a place previously unexplored or uninhabited.


not much at all or just a small amount available


an Indian tent


money paid for the return of something or someone


a bull that was used to pull wagons and farm machinery.


a distinctive stone or tree - Chimney Rock, for example - used to help pioneers find their way along the Oregon Trail

wagon train

a group of covered wagons that went together on the long trip west.

buffalo chips

dried buffalo droppings that pioneers burned for their campfires


soft but strong shoes made of deer or buffalo skin

Prairie Schooner

another word for the covered wagons the settlers used to travel west in.


a way to dry the buffalo meat so it would last longer.


a disease that settlers would get from unclean drinking water or eating food that was not fully cooked.


large flat boats that took wagons across some of the rivers.


buildings where settlers could stop to buy/trade supplies for their journey

Dr Marcus Whitman

a famous guide who led the first big wagon train to Oregon


prairie dog homes in mounds in the ground


soft, brightly colored cotton used for women's skirts or dresses

fried bread

this was done to the dough instead of baking it


one of the tribes of Indians that settlers met on the Oregon Trail


when you give one thing for another


a group of people, usually related, that live together


an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth

Chimney Rock

a famous landmark; a column of rock that was about 500' tall

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