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aerial ballistics (RAT-FPCR-SPP)
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FCR detects and prioritizes how many targets1026 - 16TSD shows how many targets256what happens when you do a cued searchcenterline slaved selects scan size scans merges NTS to the #1 emitterfundamentals of securityProvide early and accurate warning. Provide reaction time and maneuver space. Orient on the force or facility to be secured. Perform continuous reconnaissance. Maintain enemy contact.Fundamentals of ReconnaissanceGain and maintain enemy contact Orient of the Reconnaissance objective Retain freedom of maneuver Report information rapidly and accurately Develop the situation rapidly Do not keep reconnaissance assets in reserve Ensure continuous reconnaissanceforms of SecurityScreen Guard Cover Area Security Local Securityforms of reconZone Area Route Recon in Force Specialvisual illusionsff-cash-cavsss false horizons fascination/fixation confusion with ground lights aerial perspective structural illusion height-depth perception crater illusion autokinesis vection size distance -size constancy -shape constancy4 types of hypoxia1. Hypoxic - no oxygen in air 2. Histotoxic - interference with use of O2 3. Hypemic - reduction in blood's carrying 4. Stagnant - inadequate circulation4 stages of hypoxiaindifferent compensatory disturbance criticalexogenous factors6 - centrifuge runs 12 - alcohol, immunizations, anesthesia, simulator sick 24 - plasma donation, scuba, compressed air, hypobaric chamber 48 - anesthesia 72 - blood donations, stress and fatiguedynamic rollovertendency of helicopter to rollcompressibilityair flowing over the blade increases to supersonic speeds and creates shockwaves on the bladesdissymmetry of liftunequal lift between advancing and retreating halves of rotor disk caused by different wind flow velocities across each halftranslating tendencydrift laterally to the right while at a hovertransverse flowdifferences in lift between fore and aft portions of rotor disk (10-20kts)ETLrotor system outruns recirculation of old vortices (16-24kts)retreating blade stallretreating half of helicopter stalling in forward flighthow do you validate PERF pageWT page and basic weight against DD365-4 ETF against HIT log CUR PERF against PPC hover power check against CUR PERF