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2-3 mm Hg per second

When taking blood pressure, the exhaust valve should be released at a rate of:

Maxillary left central incisor

Tooth # 9

public health dentistry

The Dental Speciality in which the "patient is the entire community is


A patient who needs a root canal treatment might be referred to a


The most important person in the dental practice is the

contaminated area of the sterilization center

Contaminated dental instruments should be returned to to the

oral and maxillofacial radiology

The newest dental specialty

dental hygienist

the members of the dnetal health team that is licensed to scale and polish the teeth are

the dental laboratory

modle trimmers and dental lathes are found in

consultation room

the denist explains the treatment plan to the patient in this area of the office


the leader of the dental healthcare team is the

Dr. C. Edmund Kells

The dentist recognized as having used the first dental assistant


The aspect of dentistry that deals with codes of behavior, values, and morals is

civil law

A violation of licensing regulations or inappropriate use of drugs woul dbe regulated under

state dental board

The ganecy in each state that is responsible for regulating the practice of dentistry is the

one state recognizes the dental license of an individual from another state

Reciprocity occurs when

direct supervision

the type of supervision that requires the dentist to be in the office while the dental auxiliary performs certain functions is

Dental Assisting National Board

the credential of certified dental assistant, CDA, is awarded by the

risk managment

The methods of preventing lawsuits in a dental office are called

professional negligence

Another term for malpractice is

an act of omission

When a dentist fails to recognize a dental disease, and the patients condition worsens, it is known as

informed consent

When a patient is given specific information about a dental procedure and any possible risks involved, an signs a form that states that he or she understands the risks and agrees to the dental procedure about ot be preformed, it is called


The simplest organizational level in the human body is the

nervous system

The body system that causes muscles to contract and stimulates glands to secrete is the

lymphatic system

The thymus, spleen, and tonsils are components of which system

hinge and glide

The type of movements made by the TMJ are

middle superior alveolar nerve

The nerve that supplies the maxillary first and second premolars and mesiobuccal root of the maxillary first molar is the


The structures that carry blood back to the heart are the

dorsal surface

The top of the tounge is called the

provide lubrication, clean the oral cavity, aid in digestion

which of the following are the dfunctions of the salivary glands

gingiva or lining mucosa

which type of oral mucosa covers the inside of the cheeks, vestibules, lips and ventral surface of the tongue

alveolar socket

The ______ is the cavity within the alveolar process that holds the tooth


The chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth are called


how many teeth are included in the permanent dentition

maxillary left central incisor

In the universal/national system, tooth #9 is the

maxillary right central incisor

In the FDI numbering system, tooth #11 is the

lingual surface

The surfaces of the teeth that are nearest ot the tongue are the

the contact between the maxillary and the mandibular arches

Occlusion refers to


When the arches are divided into six parts, each part is called a


T or F....The primary dentition contains four premolars


The teeth that are sometimes called the corner of the arch are the

distal surface

The proimal surface that is located farthest away from the midline is the


T or F The Clinical crown is that portion of the tooth that is visible in the mouth


T or F In the permanent dentition, there are 12 molar teeth


T or F An embrasure is the space between the roots of a molar


T or F Primary teeth are also known as deciduous teeth


T or F The anatomic crown is the portion of the tooth that is covered with enamel


T or F Cementum is harder than enamel


T or F Only posterior teeth have periodontal ligaments

Pulp Horns, Coronal Pulp, accessory canal, radicular pulp

Portions of the dental pulp


A microorganism that can cause disease is called a


A large group of one-celled microorgansims that are capable of causing diseases are


The form of life that is the most resistant to extremes of heat and dryness are


Antoerh term for the disease often called Lockjaw is

legionnaires disease

The serious disease that can be transmitted from contaminated dental water in dental lines is

herpes simplex virus type 2

The sexually transmitted form of herpes is


The virus that enters the human body and attacks the immune system

Hepatitis A

Which of the following types of hepatitis is NOT a bloodborne disease

Hepatitis D

Which of the following types of hepatitis is not capable of replicating itself

co-infection or Transient bacteremia

An infection resulting from bacteria that are normally present in teh patients mouth is called


The number of pathogens present is called


_________ is a disease caused by a spore forming bacillus


The ability of the human body to resist disease is called

portal of entry

The method by which the pathogen enters the body is called


Plants such as mushroom, yeasts, and molds are examples of

Hepatitis C

___________ is a disease of the liver with a latency of up to 15-25 years


__________ is a disease caused by the yeast candida albicans


_________ transmission occurs through a break in the skin

bacteria, virus, spore,

Which organisms live and multiply only inside a host cell

host resistance

The ability of the human body to resist a pathogen is called

faucets, instrument drawer handles, dental materials, patients chart

Which of the following surfaces could be a potential source of disease transmission in a dental office

saliva, blood, microorganisms

Dental aerosols can contain

needlesticks, human bites, cuts

which of the following are considered types of parenteral disease transmission

the patient from the staff, the staff from the patient, the patient from another patient

The goal of an infection contraol program is to prevent disease transmission to

cut from an instrument, needlestick

Name two types of percutaneous injury

both before and after you glove

As a dental assistant, when should you wash your hands

Protective clothing, mask, eyewear, disposible gloves

name types of PPE

utility gloves

Which type of glove should be used when the treament room is cleaned and disinfected

manufacturer of the material

MSDS should be supplied by the

tabacco, foods, cosmetics

What items are exempt from the chemical labeling laws


The red triangle on the NFPA label indcates the danger level for


T or F It is considered safe practice to wear jewlery under latex gloves

semi critical instrument

What type of instrument is a mouth mirror considered


A dental bur is an example of a __________ instrument

latex examination gloves

What PPE should not be worn while precleaning and disinfecting a treatment room

smooth and easily cleaned

surface barriers are not necessary on what type of surface

a combination of surface barriers and surface disinfectants

The best way to manage surface asepsis is with the use of

after each patient use

Laboratory items such as a rag wheel should be changed as

high speed handpieces, air water syringes, ultra sonic hand peices

Which of hte following items can produce contaminated dental unit water

utility gloves

When placing surface barriers on on a surface that has already been cleaned and disinfected, you should use what type of glove


__________ instruments MUST be heat sterilzed between patients

low level

Which of the following types of disinfectants may not be necessarily be tuberculocidal


how many steps are involved in instrument processing

biological monitoring

the only certain method to determine sterilization is with the use of

holding solution

Instruments that are not cleaned soon after use should be placed in

once daily

The ultrasonic cleaner solution should be changed how often

at all times, in use and when not in use

When should the ultrasonic cleaner be covered

hand scrubbing

The least desireable method of precleaning

improper cycle time, overloading chamber, opening the door during the cycle

What can cause a sterilization failure when using a dry heat sterilizer

dry heat forced air

What is the fastest method of sterilization


What is the method of sterilization that produces the greatest risk of rust and corrosion on the instruments?

chemical vapor

What method of sterilization produces unpleasant fumes?

transport, cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, storing, delivery, Quality assurance checks

List the seven steps in instrument processing

cost effective, quick, many items at once

Three advantages of the autoclave

holding solution

What prevents blood and debris from drying on the instruments

ultrasonic cleaner

A ______ loosens and removes debris from instruments


A ______ sterilizes by super heated steam under pressure


An automated washing and disinfecting machine is called an


T or F The ideal instrument processing area should be dedicated only to insturment processing


In the ______ position, that patients head and knewws are at appoimately the same plane

does not

The operators stool _____________ have a ring near the base to support the feet

The arm on the patient chair is raised or moved out of the way.

How is the chair prepared to seat a patient

the high speed handpeice, the low speed handpiece, the air water syringe

The dental unit houses what?

assistants zone

What zone is the work surface of the assistants mobile unit positioned


The operators zone for a right handed dentist is from ______ oclock to ___ oclock


When treating a tooth in the maxillary arch, the transfer of the next instrument shouldhav ethe instruments working end turned...

the last two fingers

What fingers on the left hand are used when the assistant is retriveing a used instrument from the dentist

single handed transfer

Surgical forceps are transferred using what type

injuring the patient, injuring the dental team, tangling the instruments

During instrument exchange, teh handles of the two instruments should be parallel in order to prevent what?

pen grasp, palm grasp, palm thumb grasp

What are the three types of tool grasps

operator, static, assistant, transfer

What are the 4 different zones

lingual surface or opposite wo where the dentist is working

The dentist is working on the facial suface of tooth no. 10, the HVe tip should be placed on the...

No. 5

What hole size is used fro the anchor tooth which hold the rubber dam clamp?

Tape or Floss

While placing the dental dam, you notice contacts that are extreamely tight. What can you use to guide the material?

pen or thumb to nose

What type of gasp do you use with the HVE handle

prevent saliva leakage

What is the purpose of inverting the dental dam

turn the vacuum off or rotate the angle of the tip

if a patient cheek or tongue is accidentally sucked into the HVE tip, what should you do?


T or F A dry angle is a triangle shaped absorbent pad to help isolate anterior areas of the mouth


T or F The anchor tooth is the tooth that holds the dental dam clamp


T or F When working on the posterior area of the cmaxillary arch, a cotton roll is placed on teh cheek side.

False (cotton rolls)

T or F The isolation technique that can ensure dry conditions is the dental dam


T or F HVE tips should be disinfected after use

to punch holes in dental dam for each individual tooth

What is Dental dam punch

device used to mark teeth on the dam

What is a dental dam stamp

material to isolate teeth

What is a dental dam

used to place and remove the dental dam clamp

What are dental dam forceps

U shaped peice of equipment to stretch the dam away from the face

dental dam frame

piece of metal that anchors the dental dam material on the tooth

dental dam clamps

disposable absorbent placed between the face and the dam

dental dam napkin

water soluble substance placed on the underside of the dam


hold the tongue away from the procedure, clear away debris, keep area dry

List the three uses of the high volume evacuator

can be placed quickly, simple to use, no additional equipment is needed

Advantage of cotton rolls

can injure the tissue if not removed properly, does not prevent debris from dropping into mouth, does not prevent contamination from the tongue

Disadvantage of cotton rolls

infection control protective barrier, safeguards mouth, protects tooth from contamination of saliva, moisture control, good visability

indications for using dental dam


What is the first number when recording blood pressure

10-20 breaths per minute

What is the normal respiration rate for a relaxed adult

collecting fees, filing insurance claims, making financial arrangements

What is financial information gathered for?

prescribed drugs, over the counter drugs

A medication history is a record of ____ that the patient is currently taking

at each visit

When should the patients medical history from be updated

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