Biology Chapter 19: Taxonomy, Systematics, and Phylogeny

What is systematics?
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Whats the difference in ancestral traits and derived traits?An ancestral trait is what we think was present in the common ancestor of the species of interest. A derived trait is a form that we think arose somewhere on a lineage descended from that ancestorExample of ancestral traitsMammory glands and notochordExample of derived traitsOpposite thumbs and antlersWhat is cladistics?Uses shared derived traits to develop a hypothesis of evolutionary historyWhat is a cladogram?A branching diagram showing the cladistic relationship between a number of speciesHow do you trace phylogeny?Fossil Traits, Morphological Traits, Behavioral Traits, Molecular TraitsWhat are morphological traits?Physical characteristics of an organismWhat are some examples of behavioral traits?Frog mating calls, parental behaviorWhat are molecular traits?DNA, RNA, Proteins - Cytochrome c, Mitochondrial, DNA , Mutations