scope and legislation

all health care scopes of practice are governed by __________
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biomedical research and development
child labor - if have highschoolers working for you
equal opportunity employment
individual with disibilities
labor standards and labor statistics
labor disputes
private pension plans
public health
railway labor - insurance
student loans
wages and hours of labor, federal minimum range
ethoscredibilitypathosemotional appeallogoslogicdisinterestnot using something for political or personal gainwhen the hearings are completed, the subcommittee may meet to __________ the bill: to make changes and amendments prior to recommending the bill to the full committeemark upwho must be involved during the "mark up"bill writers/proposersif subcommittee votes not to report legislation to full committee what happens?bill diesonce committee receives subcommittees report on a bill, the full committee votes on its recommendation to the HOUSE or SENATE what is this called?ordering a bill reported once done, bill available to be considered by full body of respective chamber (house or senate)voting of the full body (House or senate)after debate and approval of any amendments, bill is passed or defeated by members by votign SOME ACTION MUST OCCUR - CAN NOT HAVE NO TABLING OR PULLING OF THE BILL need to know if have support before coming out of committeepublic support for our recommendation of particular cause or policyadvocacywhat is the most impactful way to reach out to congressmanby seeing and interacting with them in personif the house or senate passes a bill, what happens next?sent to OTHER chamber, follows SAME route through committee and floor action.... then approved, rejected, ignored, or changedconference committeewhen the other chambers significantly alter the bill this committee forms to talk about the differences between the house and senate versionswho is normally present within the conference committeenormally the senior members of standing committees of each house that originally considered the legislationwhy don' t you want a conference committee to occurdifficult to manage amendments can be added if there is going to be restriction, it typically happens hereconference committee action if unable to agree of able to agreeif unable to agree: bill dies of able to agree: conference report (changes made) must be approved by senate and houseafter both house and senate have approved a bill in identical form, it is sent to the president. if president signs the legislation, what happens to the bill?it is passedif president takes no action for 10 days WHILE legislation in session what happens to billautomatically becomes a lawif president opposes a bill he/she canvetoif no action is taken for 10 days (except sunday) after the legislature has adjourned, it is a ____________ and the legislation diespocket vetooverriding a vetoboth senate and house pass the bill by two-thirds majority, the president's veto is overruled, and bill becomes a lawreverse way of thinkingconclusion -> compelling point first -> supporting points to strengthen storyAOAPAChelp move forward optometric law and move arguments forward