Jacques Cartier
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Where did the pilgrims settle? What brought them to the New World?Plymouth mass, to do religion their wayName three ways in which the English colonies were different from the Spanish or French coloniesProtestant, brought family, private investmentMassachusetts Bay ColonyEstablished by Puritans in 1630established churcha church supported by the governmentRoger WilliamsLeft Massachusetts Bay & establish colony of Rhode IslandBill of rightsList of rights in constitutionHow did the English colonies change over time regarding an established church?From established church to freedom of religionHow were the French and Spanish colonies different from the English colonies in regards to religious freedomThe French had no freedom and Catholic Church , while the English didIn the English colonies, why was education considered importantTo read and study scriptureWhy were the colleges like Harvard and Yale establishedto train ministersName a way that freedom in the US was different from independence in South AmericaUS- god-given victory; stable nation; religious influence South America-revolutions, religions and tyranny ; instabilityHow were the France and Britain different in how they controlled their coloniesBritain- more freedom; self rule; elections France Dash little freedom; little participation; absolute rule by kingWar for independenceColonists in America win freedom from BritainConstitutionWorking plan of governmentWhat does the constitution do for the average citizenProtects the people; limits governmentSimon Bolivar and Jose de San MartinLeaders of south America independenceGauchosArgentinian cowboysPedro Ifirst emperor of BrazilWhy were the creoles dissatisfied with the politics in South AmericaThey lacked power in governmentName two reasons that the Spanish colonies were unhappy with Spanish ruleThey couldn't trade with any countries, rejected the flow of ideasWhat did bolivar believe about freedomFreedom was the source of a man's happinessHow did the reputation of the gauchos change after fighting for independenceGained More respect, and got better jobsHow are bolivar an San Martin different in their approach to battleBolivar rushed in, Martin used strategyHow did Napoleon play a part in the independence of BrazilHe invaded Portugal, causing the royal family to fleeHow were Pedro and King John different in their view of PortugalKing John went home to Portugal, while Pedro saw Brazil as independent as Portugal