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  1. vasculum
  2. vitreous
  3. xyster
  4. theological
  5. zoonosis
  1. a ..., a disease that can pass from animals to humans; an example is Lyme disease, which can be passed from deer to humans through infected ticks
  2. b ..., relating to or resembling or derived from or containing glass
  3. c ..., surgeon's instrument for scraping bones
  4. d of or relating to the study of God and his relation to the world, especially by analysis of the origins and teachings of an organized religious community
  5. e Small box or case used for carrying collected plant specimens

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  1. granular preparation of cassava starch used to thicken especially puddings
  2. Dried acorn cups of an oak tree used in tanning and dyeing
  3. ..., one who loves viewing movies
  4. distinctive and not typical
  5. excessivly favored to progress or reform

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  1. whey-face..., a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives


  2. trattoriaDried acorn cups of an oak tree used in tanning and dyeing


  3. torsadecemetery containing burials of young children, possibly sacrificed to the gods in times of crisis, found at Carthage and other Phoenician settlements in the western Mediterranean. (p. 108)


  4. tenablehat ribbon


  5. theogonythe study of the origins and genealogy of the gods