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  1. Vouvray
  2. tumultuary
  3. valonia
  4. view halloo
  5. zoonosis
  1. a ..., a disease that can pass from animals to humans; an example is Lyme disease, which can be passed from deer to humans through infected ticks
  2. b Marked by haste, confusion, disorder, and irregularity
  3. c ..., a dry white French wine (either still or sparkling) made in the Loire valley
  4. d Dried acorn cups of an oak tree used in tanning and dyeing
  5. e ..., Strident call given during a fox hunt to indicate that te fox has been seen breaking cover

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  1. excessivly favored to progress or reform
  2. ..., the resistance of a gas or liquid to flow
  3. To loosen a joint; separate
  4. ..., relating to or resembling or derived from or containing glass
  5. distinctive and not typical

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  1. tapiocathe study of what happens to the remains of an animal from the time of death to the time of discovery


  2. definitivesupplying or being a final or conclusive settlement


  3. whey-face..., a flat stone for sharpening edged tools or knives


  4. taphonomygranular preparation of cassava starch used to thicken especially puddings


  5. vers librepoetry based on natural rhythms of phrases rather than artificial poetic forms; poetry without form