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  1. androgynous
  2. yurt
  3. uniparous
  4. waxen
  5. ultraliberal
  1. a ..., Large circle-shaped tent made of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place.
  2. b combining or blending traditionally male and female characteristics
  3. c excessivly favored to progress or reform
  4. d ..., having the paleness of wax
  5. e having one baby at a time

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  1. Convey or cause to pass from one place, person, or thing to another
  2. ..., Person with a pale face
  3. ..., a wasteful person, spendthrift; a good-for-nothing
  4. hat ribbon
  5. ..., small cylindrical beads made from polished shells and fashioned into strings or belts

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  1. uncharacteristicdistinctive and not typical


  2. theogonythe study of what happens to the remains of an animal from the time of death to the time of discovery


  3. vagility..., being easily excited


  4. trousseauhat ribbon


  5. videophile..., one who loves viewing movies