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  1. unfathomable
  2. tendentiously
  3. tapioca
  4. valvular
  5. definitive
  1. a supplying or being a final or conclusive settlement
  2. b granular preparation of cassava starch used to thicken especially puddings
  3. c relating to or operating by means of valves
  4. d difficult or impossible to understand
  5. e Marked by a strong implicit point of view; partisan

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  1. Not designated for a specific use
  2. the possessions, such as clothing & linens, that a bride assembles for her marriage.
  3. change completely the nature or appearance of
  4. poetry based on natural rhythms of phrases rather than artificial poetic forms; poetry without form
  5. an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

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  1. waxen..., having the paleness of wax


  2. unmortisean assistant subject to the authority or control of another


  3. videophile..., one who loves viewing movies


  4. androgynouscombining or blending traditionally male and female characteristics


  5. yurt..., Large circle-shaped tent made of animal skins that can be packed up and moved from place to place.