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What is Dura Europus?

the Pompeii of the Desert

What is syncretism?

taking a pagan symbol and changing it to fit the Christian religion

What are the Catacombs?

tunnels and chambers where the children kept their dead

What are loculi?

slots for the dead

What are cubicula?

family plots in the catacombs

What are the two periods of the Early Christians?

Period of Persecution and Period of Recognition

What is the date of the Edict of Milan?


What is the date of the Council of Nicaea?


What did the Edict of Milan and the Council of Nicaea do for the Christians?

banned paganism; allowed Christianity to thrive; became the official religion of the empire

What does didactic mean?

to instruct and illustrate

What is a tesserae?

a mosaic tile

What is a pantomime gesture?

A story frozen in time and simplified

What is a headcluster?

An art device used to create the illusion of a large group without much detail

What is ceasaropapism?

idea that ruler is ceasar and pope

What is the iconostasis?

a curtain of images separating the nave from the sanctuary

What is a pantocrator?

Jesus depicted as a stern, judge of damnation

What is anastasis?

Christ descending to Hell

What does aniconic mean?

non figural decoration

What does arabesque mean?


What is a mosque?

Islamic central-plan church

What is a sahn?

atrium or courtyard

What is a quibla wall?

wall that faces mecca

What is a Mihrab niche

Identifies the Quibla wall

What is a minbar?


What is a madrasa?

an Islamic school

What is a mineret?

a tower

What are muqarnas?

a corbeled squinch

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