Sales and Marketing Applications ( Objectives 1,2 )

A sales manger contacted the Salesforces Admin with an issue that he is not able to add a product to an opportunity. What does the admin need to check?
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Jim is an admin for Carly Automotive, a distributor of automotive spare parts. They have just launched a new line of truck parts. The sales process for these parts will be different from the process used for existing products. Managers also need to be able to view information related to the new opportunities on reports. What should Jim do to configure the opportunity object for this new product line?
An opportunity team has been created in Lightning Experience to allow a group of four sales reps to work together to close a particular sales deal. Their sales manager would like to include a partner user in the opportunity team so that he can provide his assistance. Which of the following is a true statement regarding the inclusion of a partner user in an opp team?
which of the following statements are true about accessing telephony features in salesforce using sales dialer?Users can call by clicking on phone number fields It is only available in Lightning Experience It supports incoming and outgoing callsA sales cloud consultant has set up a console app in lightning Experience to improve the productivity of sales reps in the organization. Which of the following should be considered for creating and running macros in the app to further improve the productivity of sales reps?Individual macros cannot be run on list views Macro builder is used to create macros in lightning experienceGalactic Sweepers offers a weekly office cleaning service that is invoiced monthly. What should be created to represent this?A default Quantity and revenue scheduleCosmic Enterprises will be adding a new product that will be delivered once ordered but billed in quarterly installments for one year. How can this be reflected in Salesforce?Create a default revenue schedule for the productCosmic enterprises usually had multiple marketing and advertising campaigns running simultaneously. They want to determine which campaigns contribute more to their lead generation and conversion during a particular season. Which feature can help them with this requirement?Einstein Lead ScoringA sales rep is currently working on an account and would like to collaborate with two other sales reps and a partner user. These users should be able to view and edit the account for a limited period of time. What is a possible solution for this requirement?Ass the users to the account team from the 'Account team' related list. Share the account with the users using the 'Sharing button'The sales reps of cosmic solutions would like to view certain important updates about their leads and opps in salesforce as soon as they log in and over the course of the day. These updates should include overdue opportunities, leads assigned to them on the current day, and opportunities with no activity in 30 days. Which standard Lightning component can the company's admin add tot he home page assigned to the sales reps for this requirement?AssistantA company wants to sell different products at different prices to different customers. How can this be accomplished?Create a price book for each customer typeWhich of the following statements are true about sharing notes in lightningThe 'Notes' related list can be used to share a note A note can be shared with users or groups Recipients can be prevented from sharing or unsharing the noteHow many standard price books can an org have?1 ( The key word is standard )Which Sales Cloud feature allows Sales Reps to view a visual summary of their opportunities by Sales Stage?Opportunity Kanban