Clinical Chapter 11 (limited)

Kathy Bonewit-West 8th Edition
the study of drugs
when medication is actually given to the Pt
when medication is given to PT to take at home
when a physician provides provides Pt with hand written or computer generated Rx for drug to be filled at a pharmacy
refers to sites outside of the gastrointestinal tract
Physician's Desk Reference
a reference book that provides the same information that is found in package inserts that accompany each container of medicine
The name that describes the chemical composition and molecular structure of a drug. Pharmacists are most concerned with this name.
assigned by the pharmaceutical manufacturer who developes the drug befor approved by the FDA. Usually a shortened derivative of the chemical name
the name under which a drug is listed in one of the official publications like the United States Pharmacopeia which regulate strength, purity, packaging etc. Generic name is usually used for this name.
brand name drug
sold under the name given the drug by the manufaturer.May have several of these since there are muliple manucaturers
a sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste
liquid preparation that contains one or more completely dissolved substances.
a liquid substance capable of dissolving solute
the dissolved substance in a liquid solution
under the tongue
enteric coated tablet
Tablet coated in a way designed to resist destruction by the gastric fluids and to delay release.
a liquid medicine combined with oil, soap, alcohol or water, rubbed on the skin especially to relieve pain
1 ml
1 cc = ____
measures solids
measures liqui
linear measurment to measure length or distance
the basic weight of the apothecary system
drop, teaspoon, tablespoon, ounce cup glass are all ex of the _________ system
measurement of liquid ie: millileter ml, liter L
measurment of a solid ie: gram g, microgram mcg, kilogram kg
controlled drugs
classified into five categories called schedules due to potiential for abuse
DEA number
Dr must use their assigned _____ _______ on every prescription of a contolled substance
schedule II
currently accepted as medical use in treatment in US, with or without serious restrictions. Abuse may lead to serious psychological or physical dependence. Rx must be in ink or types. Refill ER w/in 7 days. Manufacture label CII cocaine, coedine, fentanyl, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, meperdine, morphine, oxycodone (APAP, ASA)
directions to the pharmacist, usually designates the number of doses to be dispensed #30 tablets
Name of drug and the drug dosage ie: Amoxil 250mg
drugs administered _____ are absorbed slowly because they must be digested first
drugs administered ______ are absorbed more quickly than orally because they are ijected directly into the boby
drugs administered through the oral route are absorbed more rapidly when the stomach is ____ than when it contains food. Others should be taken with food as to not upset the stomach
desired effect
A drug may not produce the _______ ______ if it is taken with food. Drug package will always indicate whether to take w/ or w/o food.
smaller dose
Dr may Rx a ______ ______ for ped and geriatric Pt as they respond more strogly to meds
a Pt body ______ has an effect on the drug action. Thinner Pt = lesser dose, obese Pt = stronger dose
Pt taking a certain drug can develope a _______ over time. Dr should be informed as it may no longer produce the desired effect on Pt
adverse reaction
and undesirable reaction to a drug
side effects
often harmless and tolerated by pt. to obtain the therapeutic effect of the Rx
MA should record any Rx the Pt may be taken so the the Dr can review them. Some Rx taken along with other meds can cause a drug ______
anaphylactic shock
Sever allergic reaction; symptoms begin with sneezing, urticaria (hives) itching, erythema, anioedema, and disorientation.
seven rights
Right drug, dose, time, Pt, route, technique, documentation
routes of administration
oral, parenteral, topical, rectal, vaginal, IV
given to treat anaphylactic shock
hub hilt shaft bevel lumen poit
parts of a needle
plunger, barrell tip
parts of a syringe
as the size of the gage in increases, the size if the needle _____. gage of needle is determined by the size of the lumen
closed glass container w/ a rubber stopper, may be single double or multiple use dose. to mix a ______ roll between hands, do not shake
a glass container which holds a single dose of a medication. Must use a filer needle withdraw meds in case of glass particles
safety engineered syringes
incorporate a built in feature to prevent needle stick
45 degree angle of insertion into fat, just uner the skin. sites are; lateral part of arm, anterior of thigh, upper back, abdomen. Needle: 23-25G 1/2-5/8 needle Ex: insulin allergy inj
10-15 degree angle. injection site away from large nerves and blood vessels ex: TB test
90 degree angle of insertion, 3ml max, gluteal and vastus lateralis. More blood vessels allow for faster absorption. Asperate to make sure you are not in a vein. Needle" 1 for children and small adults 1 1/2 inch adults ex: immunizations, B12, corticosteroids Sites: sorso/ventrogluteal, deltoid, vastus lateralis
schedule III drugs
less abuse potential, anabolic steroids, analgesics, CNS Stimulants, sedative/hypnotic ie: Tylenol w codeine, Vicodin,
__________ to verify you are not inj into a vein.
apothecary system
oldest system of measurement being phased out by metric system. Basic weight unit is grain, next is scruple then dram ounce and pound. 1lb = 12 oz. Liquid measurement are minim = about 1 grain, fluid oz, pint etc... most american's are very familiar w this system
household system
easier for Pt than the metric system, unless exact measurement is needed. Basic unit of liquid is gtt = drop (0.6ml or 1grain) Tsp, Tbs, oz, cup glass
dorso gluteal
site for intramuscular injuections for adults and children over 3 years old. 1 1/2 - 1" needle
vastus lateralis
for children under 3 years old 1- 5/8 " needle
chart procedure
_______ ________, include date, time name of med, lot number, dose given, route site, observations. (lot number indicates batch which can be recalled if any problems)
an RX expires one _____ after the issue date
an Rx must have an issue _____ or the presrciption cannot be filled.