Respiratory System Models (BIO 211)

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nasal cavity
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thyroid cartilageIdentify the structure.cricoid cartilageIdentify the structure.cricoid cartilageIdentify the structure.tracheaIdentify the passageway.tracheaIdentify the passageway.right primary bronchusIdentify the structure (include left or right).left primary bronchusIdentify the structure (include left or right).right lungIdentify the organ (include left or right).left lungIdentify the organ (include left or right).alveolusIdentify the small, round structure.diaphragmIdentify the muscle.superior nasal conchaIdentify the structure.middle nasal conchaIdentify the structure.inferior nasal conchaIdentify the structure.superior nasal meatusIdentify the passageway.middle nasal meatusIdentify the passageway.inferior nasal meatusIdentify the passageway.hard palateIdentify the structure.soft palateIdentify the structure.uvulaIdentify the structure.false vocal cordIdentify the structure.true vocal cordIdentify the structure.sphenoid sinusIdentify the space.frontal sinusIdentify the space.glottisIdentify the opening.tracheal cartilageIdentify the individual segment.primary bronchusIdentify the passageway.secondary bronchusIdentify the passageway.tertiary bronchusIdentify the passageway.bronchioleIdentify the passageway.terminal bronchioleIdentify the passageway.respiratory bronchioleIdentify the passageway.alveolar ductIdentify the passageway.alveolar sacIdentify the cluster.glottisIdentify the opening.epiglottisIdentify the flap.right superior lobeIdentify the lobe.right middle lobeIdentify the lobe.right inferior lobeIdentify the lobe.left superior lobeIdentify the lobe.left inferior lobeIdentify the lobe.pulmonary arteryIdentify the vessel.pulmonary veinIdentify the vessel.parietal pleuraIdentify the membrane.visceral pleuraIdentify the membrane.lungIdentify the organ.tracheaIdentify the organ.simple squamous epitheliumIdentify the tissue type.pseudostratified columnar epitheliumIdentify the tissue type.hyaline cartilageIdentify the tissue type.