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Old French-adj-unoriginal and commonplace; trite.


French-noun-concealment by disguise or by coloring that matches the surrounding environment. verb-to hide by disguising or by blending in with the surroundings.


Latin-verb-to strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation. to approach or achieve equality with; to compete with successfully.


Greek-noun-imitation or copying, especially of expression and gesture.


French-noun-an overused, dull, and unoriginal remark or statement, especially one delivered as if it were original or significant.


Greek-noun-an original type, form, or instance that serves as a basis or standard for those that follow; a test or trial model. an early typical example.


Latin-adj-extra; exceeding what is necessary. repetitive or needlessly wordy in expression.


Latin-noun-an interpretation or a performance of a musical or dramatic piece.


noun-something false or empty that is presented as genuine; a fake. adj-not genuine; fake. *verb-to put on the false appearance of; to feign.


Latin-noun-an imitation, a representation, or a reproduction of a situation or an experience.

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