unit 4 human geo test

experts report that there are about ___________ countries in the world today
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communism and monarchies can be types of governments found in a __________unitary statewhat supranational organization was created to bring together countries for economic prosperity in the Pacific Ocean RegionAPECwhich of the following describes a federal form of governmentautonomous regions act outside the authority of a central governmenta czech politician claims to have created his own country by claiming a 3-square-mile patch of land between croatia and serbia. he has established a government and built a house on the land. why has his "liberland" not been added to a map as the world's newest stateit has not had another existing state acknowledged its existencethe photo above depicts which geographic concept (suez canal)choke pointtwo perforated states in the world today are:italy and south africathe re-organization of europe into nation-states was brought about due to what eventpeace of westphaliawhen legislators from pennsylvania redraw electoral districts in order to reflect the population growth over the past ten years, it is known asreapportionmentafter the september 2017 vote in western spain to succeed from spain was defeated, the spanish parliament decided to give local government in western spain more power to govern themselves. this process is calleddevolution"barbed wire sunday" was an act by the soviet government to show their power by _________ their border with the allies in west berlindemarcatingwhich of the following is not a necessary criterion for a statecommon culture and identitythe kurdish people are a stateless group of people fighting for their own state. what two states must be willing to give up land to help them create this possible new stateiraq and turkeybased on the data in the table, which of the following is a possible impact of ethnic and religious diversity in iraqethnicity and religion lead to centrifugal pressures in the country by politically dividing regionsa main difference between a state and a nation is that a nation _________is a cultural concept implying a group of people occupying a particular territory and unified by shared beliefs and political idealsthe map above could be used to explain russia's desire to invade ukraine based on the concept of __________irredentismThe map shows the world's newest country, South Sudan, formerly part of Sudan, and the Islamic region of Darfur, which is seeking some level of political autonomy within Sudan. In comparison with the east-west divide between Darfur and the rest of Sudan, which of the following centrifugal forces led South Sudan to seek independence from Sudan?sudan and south sudan's border is a transition zone between africa's islamic northern region and the christian and animist regions of sub-saharan africa