Chapter 13. Nursing Care of Patients With Emergent Conditions and Disaster/Bioterrorism Response Questions

The nurse in the emergency department is caring for a patient with a partial-thickness thermal burn. Which treatment should the nurse expect to be prescribed for this patient?
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The nurse is planning care for a patient with a mental health disorder. Which nursing diagnosis should the nurse select if the patient is demonstrating manic behavior?Risk for InjuryThe nurse is evaluating care provided to a patient recovering from a psychotic episode. Which patient statement should the nurse recognize as an indication of reduced anxiety?I feel calm.The nurse is caring for a patient experiencing acute psychosis. What should the nurse realize as being the purpose of medication for this patient?Reduce psychosisThe nurse is planning care for a patient who experienced a near-drowning. What should the nurse identify as the goal of care for this patient?Maintain ventilationThe nurse ensures that a trauma patient has an effective airway. On what should the nurse focus after the airway has been established for this patient?BreathingA patient who sustained multiple injuries in a motor vehicle crash is brought to the emergency department. After the primary survey, what should be the nurses next action?Complete out a rapid head-to-toe assessment.A patient is brought to the emergency department after a motor vehicle crash. Which symptom assessed during data collection should the nurse report promptly?WheezingA patient who has fallen has superficial abrasions and an abdomen that is distended, firm, and tender when touched. Which complication should the nurse consider that this patient is experiencing?Internal abdominal bleedingA patient seeking treatment after being in a house fire has thermal burns to the neck and shoulders and singed nasal hairs. Which action should the nurse take first?Monitor respirations.The nurse in the emergency department is triaging victims of a building collapse. Which victim should the nurse determine is a priority for care?A severely injured patient with full potential for recoveryA patient who works in a non-air conditioned manufacturing plant is experiencing weakness and a headache. The patients skin is cool and clammy, temperature is slightly elevated, and pulse rate is rapid. For which health problem should the nurse plan care for this patient?Heat exhaustionA homeless person is brought to the hospital for weakness, feeling faint, and having a headache. The patients skin is cool and clammy and vital signs are temperature 99.9F, pulse 100 bpm, respirations 18/minute, blood pressure 108/60 mm Hg. What action should the nurse take?Provide oral fluids.The nurse is caring for a patient who has sustained an abdominal injury in a motor vehicle crash. Which symptom should be the most concerning to the nurse?Blood pressure 104/52 mm HgThe nurse is providing care to a college student having a psychiatric emergency and related suicide attempt. Which action should the nurse take first?Determine if alcohol or illicit drugs have been used recently.The nurse determines that a patient has a normal capillary refill time. What was this patients refill time?3 secondsA patient with severe hypothermia is comatose with fixed dilated pupils, flaccid muscles, and ventricular fibrillation. Which body temperature should the nurse expect to assess in this patient?80.6 FThe nurse is reviewing a 40-year-old patients immunization schedule. At which age should the patient have received the most recent tetanus booster vaccination?35 yearsWhile assessing a victim of a motor vehicle crash, the nurse notes that the patients trachea is shifted towards the left. What does this finding indicate to the nurse?Right lung tension pneumothoraxA patient is admitted for mild hypothermia. Which manifestations should the nurse expect when assessing this patient?Depleted glucose stores Decreased respiratory rate Decreased muscular activity Decreased heart rate and cardiac output