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Earth changing surface

What can mechanical weathering be caused by?

pressure, ice, wind, plants, or gravity

________________ weathers more slowly than ____________________

granite, lime stone

What type of dirt is fertile and soft?

top soil

What type of dirt is less fertile and harder?


What type of dirt is not fertile and very hard?


What are subsoil's characteristics?

less fertile and harder

What are topsoil's characteristics?

fertile and soft

What are bedrock's characteristics?

not fertile and very hard

What are the three layers of Earth in order from outside to inside?

crust, mantle, and the core

What is the tool that scientist use to record earthquake waves?


What was the last name of the man who noticed that the continents fit together like a jigsaw puzzle?


What name was given to the super continent?


What makes up the top part of the crust and the mantle?


What kind of plate boundary creates mountains?


What do earthquakes happen at?


What is the place on Earth's surface above the focus called?


What are small pieces of weathered rocks called?


What does a combination of ________________ and _______________ make?

carbon dioxide, rain, Carbonic acid

What are Earth's layers?

Crust, mantle, core

The crust is the ___________ and ___________layer

top, thinnest

The mantle is ___________ _____ ___________ _________

most of Earth's material

What is the top part of the mantle?

solid, hot rock

Rock can flow like a____________ due to high ___________and __________________

liquid, tempurature, pressure

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